The Trendiest Gifts for 12 Year Olds

At 12 years old, your preteen’s interests are starting to change as they start to work out what their passions and interests are. The latest trends and what’s cool within their friendship group also plays a massive part in what’s interesting to them - so finding gifts for 12 year olds can sometimes feel hopeless. However, educational gifts and STEM toys that prepare them for the next stage of their life while also fitting in with the current trends are a great option to keep your 12 year old engaged and inspired!

Puzzles For 12 Year Old Boys & Girls

As puzzles can be relatively challenging and take a lot of teamwork, this makes it the perfect educational toy to encourage skill development, communication and fun between friends. It’s a great way for preteens to challenge themselves while improving coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving skills. Whether they’re playing a classic board game at a party or attempting a more logical puzzle, they’ll make the best, entertaining toys for older kids!

Engaging Books For 12 Year Old Girls

Whether they’re interested in a cool, fantasy storyline or looking to follow a specific hobby or interest, reading is extremely beneficial for preteen girls. It helps them to widen their knowledge, dream big about the future and get lost in a world of excitement and adventure. BrightMinds stock a wide range of fiction and non-fiction educational books to help your daughter get lost in the magic of reading - one of the best gifts for 12 year old girls!


Arts and Crafts For 12 Year Old Girls

At this age, skills begin to become very refined and passions start to shine through as they venture into secondary school. For those creative and artistic girls out there, arts and crafts toys are a great choice to help develop their creative skills and imagination. Art, design and textile based subjects are very popular among preteen and teenage girls in secondary school, so choosing gifts that will help them to excel in their passions as well as in school is a wonderful idea!


The Latest Gadgets For Preteen Boys 

Handheld Video Game

A lot of young boys seem to love keeping up with the latest gadgets and technological updates. Creating a sense of technological exploration, using these gadgets helps preteen boys to develop coordination skills, problem solving skills and fine motor skills when working out how to complete the task on the gadget or when improving their game on the next round. Gadgets are the perfect gift for 12 year old boys who love everything about technology!

Science Based STEM Toys and Kits For Preteen Boys

Chemistry C500 Kit

At 12 years old, there’s nothing cooler than creating a scientific experiment with your friends. It’s crazy, messy and exciting, everything that a 12 year old boy loves! Just because it’s educational doesn’t mean it has to be boring - whether you’re experimenting with a water lab, mixing potions or creating a homemade volcano, science kits make one of the best STEM toys and gifts for 12 year old boys!

Shop Our Wide Range Of Toys For 12 Year Olds Today

Finding the right toy that fits in with their hobbies, interests and personalities means that educational toys don’t have to be boring. STEM toys are created with both fun and education in mind, meaning that there’s never a dull moment! Find the perfect gift for 12 year old boys or girls - shop our popular range today.

Have some questions about our range of educational toys? We’d love to hear from you! Get in contact today. 

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