How to Care for Your Wooden Toys

Wooden educational toys have been a favourite for many generations. Although plastic toys have many bright colours and features, wooden toys are usually built with more practicality to encourage children to use their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and creativity. Whether it’s a wooden train set, tool kit or puzzle, wooden toys bring a fun and educational element to children's playtime. Generally, they’re also considered more sustainable compared to plastic toys. 

Due to their natural element, wooden toys need to be cared for more closely and cleaned in a different way to plastic toys. Let’s take a look at all of the aspects you need to consider when caring for your child’s wooden toys!


The Best Way To Clean Wooden Educational Toys


As wood is a natural component it needs to be handled with care. Mild mixtures such as a small concentrate of dish soap, vinegar solutions or other non-toxic cleaners with water are a great choice for cleaning your wooden educational toys. Pre-mixed wooden toy cleaners can also be purchased on the internet. 

Use a smooth cloth without any abrasive components to wash the toys with the solution of your choice. You can then dry them with a dry cloth or tissue, and then leave them in a warm and dry place for any remaining moisture to be absorbed. 

Beeswax polish, olive oil or other conventional non-toxic polishes can be used to give your wooden toys an extra shine once dried.


How Often To Clean Wooden Toys

As wooden toys have an anti-bacterial component they don’t need to be washed as frequently as toys made of plastic or other materials. However, it is possible for germs to build up on the surface - if toys are played with daily, it’s recommended to wash them weekly to ensure they stay clean.


What To Avoid When Cleaning Wooden Toys

Due to the natural component of wooden toys, toxic cleaning products can cause permanent damage and staining to the surface. Avoid any cleaning products that include bleach and other harsh chemicals. Make sure to use mild, non-toxic components to clean the product effectively whilst not damaging the toy itself. 

Exposing wooden toys to a warm and sunny environment is a great way to help them dry. However, long periods of exposed heat or sunlight can cause wooden toys to fade or crack. Make sure to only place toys in in-direct sunlight, and remove them as soon as they are dry.

How To Continue Proper Maintenance of Wooden Educational Toys

To keep wooden educational toys in pristine condition, continue to wash them weekly with non-toxic mixtures and dry them in a safe place as recommended. With regards to storage, keeping wooden toys in a well ventilated box to help to prevent mould build up. You can put cotton sheets or bags of silica gel in the storage box to absorb excess moisture.

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