The Importance of Gender Neutral Toys

Gone are the days of little girls only playing with dolls and little boys only playing with dinosaurs. Society has evolved over the years, and the view that your little ones should only be playing with specific toys has evidently become outdated. All toys should be considered gender neutral - children’s learning and enjoyment when playing should be the only important factor to consider. There are a wide range of benefits that come with children playing with gender neutral toys, and we’re here to tell you all about them!

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Inclusive Education With Gender Neutral Toys

Enabling children to play with gender neutral toys ensures that they have a well rounded, inclusive education. When children are able to pick an educational toy of their choice, it enables them to explore all areas of STEM learning and develop their specific interests. This can contribute to life-long passions, and can help them to determine what career they may want to pursue in the future! Providing children with a choice about their playtime and learning is a great way for them to develop problem solving skills, creativity and imagination - which are all crucial for healthy development.


Breaking Away From Gender Stereotypes With Gender Neutral Toys

Society in the 21st century is most definitely breaking away from gender stereotypes. All genders should be able to express themselves in whatever way feels natural to them, which is why teaching children about this topic from a young age is so important. As children learn significant amounts from their early year experiences, incorporating gender neutral toys into their playtime is a great way to help them understand how to express themselves from a young age, and that they shouldn’t have to stick to certain characteristics and stereotypes that people may try to pin on them.

Freedom Of Expression And Communication With Gender Neutral Toys

Using gender neutral toys is a great way for children to express themselves in whatever way feels natural. Playing with gender neutral toys with a variety of other children helps them to open up, communicate more and make friends in school. In-turn, this can be extremely beneficial for their communication skills and confidence as they grow older. It also ensures that everyone feels included and comfortable when it comes to school, birthday parties and other group activities.

Promote Experimental Thinking With Gender Neutral Toys

Rainbow Lab Kit

Educational, gender neutral toys are a wonderful way for children to develop their experimental thinking, as well as an array of important life skills. Working out how to solve a puzzle or put together a toy helps them to develop their imagination, motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills. These are all crucial skills that children need as they grow older - giving little ones the opportunity to play with a large variety of toys means they will constantly be learning and developing said skills.


The Best Gender Neutral Toys At BrightMinds

At BrightMinds, we stock a large variety of fun and educational gender neutral toys that help little ones to develop their interests and passions. Some examples of gender neutral toys include Disco Bath Lights, GeoSafari Jr Sneak & Peek Periscope, Learning Resources Bugnoculars, Galt Toys Rainbow Lab, and much more! Browse our great gender neutral toys and inspire your child with an exciting, educational toy that's both fun and inclusive.

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