Why Playtime and Learning Go Hand in Hand

As children’s toys and games have evolved over the years, we’ve seen various trends come and go when it comes to the current favourite toy or activity. STEM toys, on the other hand, are a type of educational toy that is here to stay. We now know exactly how crucial early education and learning is for children - which means finding toys that are both educational and fun is fundamental in their development!

So What Exactly Is A ‘STEM’ Toy?

STEM toys are Science, Technology, English and Maths based toys that aim to educate children in the process of playing. They are designed with an educational purpose to enhance curiosity and learning among children. Don’t worry - this doesn’t make them too tricky and boring for your little ones; STEM toys for kids are created to be both educational and fun!

These educational games and toys encourage kids to learn more about these interesting subjects through fun, engaging games. Psychologists suggest that for a toy to be educational, it should be active, engaging, meaningful, fun, and should ultimately allow for social play and communication!

Why Educational Toys and Games Are Important

Education is a fundamental aspect of a child’s development - helping them to prosper in the future and choose a career that will make them feel happy, content and fulfilled! Educational toys and games are important for younger children who are not yet at the stage to retain lots of information - helping them to learn for the future and reach specific milestones. 

Incorporating STEM toys into their playtime is a great way for your little ones to learn a variety of new skills as they continue to grow. As children easily pick up the ideas and concepts that they’re exposed to, STEM toys are a wonderful way to help develop their interests and aspirations - without overloading them with too much information.

The Benefits Of STEM Toys For Children

Research suggests that incorporating STEM toys into your child’s life can have a wide range of benefits. Not only do these educational toys and games help to improve their skills such as hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving skills, but also help to boost their imagination which is essential for dreaming big in the future! STEM toys for kids also help to boost creativity, divergent thinking, and encourage children to take responsibility to do things on their own as they begin to grow older.

Creating A Fun Playtime With Educational Games and Toys

STEM toys for kids make it easy to incorporate an educational element into playtime. Whether you’re looking for puzzles, outdoor activities, science based kits, books or any other type of educational toy, STEM toys are an easy addition into the classroom or for your little one at home. At BrightMinds, we love watching children’s passions come to life, which is why we stock a wide range of STEM toys for kids - to help every child follow their passion, improve their education and ultimately have FUN! 

Shop Our Wide Range Of STEM Toys For Kids Today

For young children, playing is one of the best ways of learning - helping them to prepare for the next level of education they’ll face as they continue to grow. BrightMinds handpicks all of our toys to meet a high standard of fun and educational value for your kids. Shop our range by age today!

Have some questions about our range of educational toys? We’d love to hear from you! Get in contact today.

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