How to Get Your Kids into Coding

Coding is in everything now, from your computer to your mobile phone, your kids are growing up in a world that’s thriving with technology. Coding for children may seem like a complicated subject, but it’s fairly easy for children to pick up.

With the world around us always changing, setting our children up for the future can’t start too soon. Coding is a skill that kids can start to learn at home through play, an enjoyable task with so many benefits.

Kids playing with coding toys

What is Coding?

Coding is the process of writing code for computers to turn ideas or instructions into language that a computer can understand. Computers run on thousands of codes for different functions, so knowing how to communicate with their computer could be very beneficial for your child, both at school and in the future.

Coding for children teaches your kids how to translate language for a computer so it can perform its given tasks effectively. If a child knows how to code, they’ve learnt a whole new language!

Whilst coding may seem a little complicated, there are a range of coding toys for kids that can start your child on the path to becoming a coding champ!

Why get your kids into coding?

There are so many educational benefits that your children can get by learning to code. Teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving are just a few things that learning code can teach, as well as mixing creativity with maths for amazing outcomes.

Coding is great for critical thinking skills, learning how computers work allows kids to use problem solving skills that they may not be able to use in other situations, letting them see the big picture before working on a solution that works. Letting our children become problem solvers means we can be sure that they can face any future life challenges head on with success.

The possibilities are endless with coding, letting kids stretch that creative muscle. Creative codes can help to make apps, websites and more, letting children unleash their creativity to experiment, they don’t have to be artistic to create a code that shows their personality.

Children are resilient, and as such can learn code fairly quickly, and once they’ve figured out coding then confidence and creativity comes next. Once they’ve picked it up kids can create a code that is exciting, and fun in a way that lets them express themselves.

Coding can also help with a child's written communication skills. Code is a type of language that a child can pick up easily. Codes are complex thoughts that are broken up into sections, which children tend to understand easily.

Parents are always thinking of their kids' future, and coding is the perfect skill to teach your children for their future. Whilst it may seem a bit soon to be thinking about your little ones joining the workforce, it’s important to remember that most jobs have some form of computer skills involved now, and more so will once your child has grown up. It’s always worth expanding on a child's skills at a young age to give them more time to work on them.

Our top 5 Coding Toys for children

We have included a short guide to our top five coding toys at BrightMinds that can help your children work on their critical thinking and creativity skills. Check them out below!

Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Artie the Coding Robot

Artie the coding robot is a brilliant toy for creative coding. Artie will help to teach children left-brain skills like computer programming and maths skills, whilst engaging them in creating colourful designs. Artie’s useful drag and drop programming can be used on Mac, PC or tablets for easy, creative coding.

Logiblocs Smart Circuit

Logiblocs Smart Circuit

Easy to assemble blocs make this start to coding toy perfect for children aged 4+. By plugging the different Logiblocs together children can create a variety of systems and gadgets to get the joy out of coding. Combining critical thinking with block building means children can build anything from a metal detector to a banana beeper, and so much more!

Learning Resources Code and Go Activity Set

Learning Resources Code and Go Activity Set

A programmable mouse with a maze, Learning Resources Code and Go Activity Set supports critical thinking and problem solving skills, whilst the electronic mouse and maze game invites creativity, perfect for children with an interest in coding between the ages of 5-9+. Follow the games provided, or children can create their own!

Happy Puzzle Got It

Happy Puzzle Got It

Happy Puzzle Got It! Is a decoding card game that teaches children how to decode at speed with some healthy competition! Got It! takes easy questions and answers and puts them in code. With over 900 question and answer challenges, and a range of codes from Braille to Morse Code, the fun can last forever!

Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot

Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot

The next generation of coding robots is here with Botley 2.0, for a screen-free introduction to coding for children. Encourage and inspire your children through stem learning through play. With over 40 code cards your child can programme Botley for up to 150 steps for interactive codes.

BrightMinds Range of coding toys appeal to children of all ages, with coding robots and code chasing mice, or interactive card games and books that exercise their mind, there’s something for everyone. Think your child could have an interest in coding? Or are you looking for something to encourage their maths and computer skills? Our coding range has something for any child, no matter their age or skill set!

Interested in getting your kids into coding?

Do you think your child could have an interest in coding? Here at BrightMinds we have a wide variety of educational toys, from STEM to STEAM and everything in between. 

If you’d like to know more about our range of coding toys here at BrightMinds then our team would be happy to help. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products, or check out our FAQs for more information.

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