What Are STEAM Toys?

You may be unsure as to what toys you should be purchasing for your little ones, or even what STEAM toys even are! Here at BrightMinds we know it can be confusing to find something that not only your child wants to engage with,  but also has the capabilities to educate. We have put together our guide to STEAM toys to help answer that all important question, what are STEAM toys?

What is a STEAM toy?

You may have heard the term STEM toys often throughout your child's lives as they grow up and the importance of these toys for personal growth. Here at BrightMinds we value the importance of STEM toys very highly, from educational to personal development, we believe STEM toys can benefit children in a number of ways. 


However, whilst many focus on the four topics of STEM toys, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, we believe there is a fifth which is equally important, the Arts. 


Therefore we like to refer to these toys as STEAM. Incorporating five very important subjects for a child's development, and topics that will be very prevalent in their schooling as they grow up. 


STEAM toys encompass our mission here at BrightMinds, fostering a ‘brighter way to play’, inspiring children to be curious about the world around them and encouraging creativity in a fun and relaxed way

Why are STEAM toys important? 


You may be wondering why STEAM toys are so important in comparison to other traditional toys such as dolls or trucks. Well, STEAM toys allow children to gain a head start in the understanding of these topics, often unknowingly absorbing information through fun tasks and games. 


These are topics that your child will be learning all throughout their schooling lives so it's always a good thing to start their development and understanding early on.  Your child can begin to gain an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics that could very well turn into a lifetime engagement. 


Children playing with STEAM toys


Science can include many different topics, from chemistry to the planet and the human body, it is a crucial part of the world for your child to learn. From books to the internet, science can be accessed in many places, however, with all the information it can often be overwhelming for a child of any age. 

By choosing a STEAM toy focused on the sciences your child can learn the fun way, whilst interacting with a topic of your choice.


As the world continues to grow, technology has become a vital part of everybody's lives, and it is only going to continue to become even more prominent with every year that passes.  

Here at BrightMinds we are passionate about supporting creators of technology, not just simply creating consumers of tech.  Giving your child a toy that focuses on technology can be really beneficial to not only gain an understanding of the world developing around them but also instil interest in the creation of technology.  


You may think that engineering may be above your child's capabilities at a young age, however, even the simplest of toys based around engineering can be really beneficial for your child. From hand-eye coordination to independence, these small games and tasks can open your child's eyes to the world of engineering.


Although many of these subjects all benefit from each other, it could be argued that the Arts is one of the most crucial topics in a young child's life. From creativity to independence and fine motor skills, Art can open a child to a world of important skills as they grow up, and engage your child's creative brain. 


Mathematics is a key subject for anyone to learn, and one we all either love or loathe growing up in school! You may not have enjoyed mathematics yourself when you were a child, but the overall impact and importance of mathematics for a child is enormous.  Even simple games involving numbers can teach vital problem skills that your child will carry with them through the rest of their lives. 


Twins playing with STEM toys

Our top 5 STEAM toys


We have put together our short guide to five of our best STEAM toys here at BrightMinds to help you with that decision process the next time you are looking to purchase a toy for your child.

Splashology! Water Lab

Splashology! Water Lab

Splashology! Water Lab is a great option for those wanting to get their children exploring science (without too much mess!). This water kit is the perfect toy to get your child interested in experimenting and can be used at a water table inside, in the garden or even in a sink or bath.

Easy to clean pieces mean this toy can be used again and again for continued learning and development for your child. This STEAM toy is perfect for children aged 3+. 

Thames and Kosmos Early Robots Robot Pet Shop

 Thames and Kosmos Early Robots Robot Pet Shop

An exciting option for children between the ages of 5-7+, the Thames and Kosmos Early Robots Robot Pet Shop is perfect for letting your child explore all the fun to be had in Engineering. 

This kit allows your little one to build a series of motorised robotic animals. With an illustrated 32-page storybook detailing the adventures of your child's new friends, it is great to get your child to understand how technology and engineering can work hand in hand.

Each animal your child builds uses a new battery-powered motor and mechanical parts to move in a different way, allowing your child to explore and experiment with the different mechanics.


Djeco Spirals Dress Patterns 

Djeco Spirals Dress Patterns

The Djeco Spirals Dress Patterns are a wonderful way to engage your child in the creative world of Arts. Your child can gain their independence with this toy, using decision-making to change from a range of patterns, colours and designs to put their own twist on each creation they make. 

Perfect for children aged 7-13, this is a great example of a STEAM toy that can get a child's imagination running wild. 

Learning Resources Maths Mat Challenge

Learning Resources Maths Mat Challenge

Struggling to get your child engaged with Mathematics? Why not try the Learning Resources Maths Mat Challenge to get their brain (and body!) working. 

A series of fast and fun maths quizzes based around counting, addition and subtraction with numbers up to 20, this game will really get your child thinking on their feet. This is a great game for motivating children between the ages of 4 and 7 to get thinking mathematically. 

Logiblocs Spy Tech

Logiblocs Spy Tech

We all had dreams of what we wanted to be growing up, so why not support your child with their interests? If your child dreams of being a spy the Logiblocs Spy Tech is a great choice to get your little one discovering technology.

Perfect for children between the age of 5 & 11, and allows you to record and playback secret messages set traps and build door alarms. Perfect to get your children interested in the world of technology whilst learning about electronics and computer science.


Want to know more about our STEAM toys?

If you’d like to know more about our range of STEAM toys here at BrightMinds, we would be happy to help. Get in touch and one of our team members would love to help answer any questions.


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