Why Wooden Toys Matter

Why Wooden Toys Matter: Benefits of Wooden Toys

With the holidays right around the corner, you might be asking yourself, why buy wooden toys for your kids? Some may say they are outdated, but we think wooden toys and gifts are a timeless choice! Whether you are looking for wooden baby toys or something for kids a bit older, there are many wonderful benefits to offering wooden toys to your children, including the fact that many of them are gender neutral and inclusive. Here are some of the top reasons why we love wooden educational toys.

Wooden Toys Are Long-Lasting and Safer

We all know wood is an excellent material that rarely breaks, making it one of the safest materials to make toys from. As a parent, you don’t have to worry about pieces breaking off and injuring your child. Babies will stick everything in their mouth, so safety is a significant factor when choosing toys for your small children. An added benefit of wooden toys being durable and long-lasting is that they can be passed through the generations from child to child. This feature also means you can buy wooden toys second hand and save a few pounds if you are on a budget. 

You may think that children will outgrow more basic wooden toys, but in reality, they grow with the child. Take wooden blocks and shapes, for instance. Kids can build and design more elaborate structures, combine them with other non-wood toys like dolls or action figures, or even paint the blocks as they develop their art skills, creating fantastical scenes that unleash their imaginations.

melissa doug shape sorting set toy. Bright minds

If you’re looking for a fun wooden toy that helps your baby develop coordination and fine motor skills, check out this shape sorting set by Melissa and Doug.

Wooden Toys Improve Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination

From an early age, toys help babies develop fine motor skills like squeezing, grasping, stacking, moving their wrists, reaching, etc. Simple wooden toys help kids with their hand-eye coordination — like when they are building towers, placing shapes inside different shaped holes, creating patterns and connecting puzzle pieces or pushing a toy on wheels. One of our favourite designers, Melissa and Doug, make wooden toys that grow with your child as they develop logical and spatial skills. 

Wooden Toys Are Better for the Environment

Most companies that make wooden toys are using sustainable practices for their manufacturing. Since we know wooden toys are long-lasting, they are by default better for the environment than their plastic and electronic alternatives. The pollution that comes from producing toys made from plastic or electronics is far greater, so when you buy wooden toys, you are showing your commitment to the planet. 

Not to mention the amount of plastic included in the packaging of toys. Both the packaging and the toys themselves end up in oceans and never break down in landfills. Polls show parents admit to throwing away perfectly good toys or overbuying toys their kids never touch. If you want to be environmentally-friendly, then use the holiday season to buy wooden toys for your children that will last. And as a side bonus, they will be able to connect with nature a bit with the touch and feel of the wood.

boy and girl playing with melissa doug fresh mart accessorised

If you’re looking for a fun, long-lasting wooden toy that brings everyday scenes to life check out this grocery store by Melissa and Doug.

Wooden Toys Help Develop Real-Life Skills

It’s common for wooden toys to be in various shapes like squares, circles, and triangles. But they also come in the form of everyday things like people, food, animals, cars, houses, etc. You can buy more elaborate wooden toys that mimic kitchens, the grocery store or a doctor’s office. Children can use such toys to act out scenes with their parents and friends. This kind of play can do wonders for the development of real-life skills and self-esteem. Since wooden toys don’t have audio recordings, buzzers, bells and other noises that direct the child, they will develop problem-solving skills and expands their decision-making smarts. 

Wooden Toys Decrease Screen Time

The children of the last couple of decades don’t realize that not long ago, wooden toys were the only choice! Children are exposed to phones and electronics at such a young age, offering wooden toys earlier can help limit the desire for screen time. Simple toys encourage the imagination of your children to go wild while helping keep them calm because noises from electronics can be overstimulating. Modern toys and gadgets can be a distraction and offer very little in the way of learning or education. So give your kids simpler toys to continue stimulating their brains with the bonus of keeping the noise down for everyone around.

These are just a few of the many benefits your children receive when you choose wooden toys. We like to think wooden toys will never go out of fashion — no matter what age your children are. So consider buying wooden toys this holiday season. 

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