The Rise of Eco-friendly Toys and Why They’re So Important


Every day you make choices for your children that will affect their growth and wellbeing; choosing the right toys for them has a lot to do with their development! Introducing children to eco-friendly toys from a young age brings many benefits, including teaching them about the importance of the environment while playing with more durable, long-lasting toys. There are many plastic-free alternative toys for you to choose from within the BrightMinds range!

Eco-friendly is a buzzword you read all across the internet, and the toy industry is no exception. If you’re asking yourself exactly what plastic-free alternatives would benefit your little ones, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite eco-friendly toys available at BrightMinds! Let’s look into them…

Why Choose Plastic Free Toys?

In the 1960s, plastic toys hit the shelves and became the cheapest toys for children. Many of these toys were made in China and other countries that didn’t have safety regulations in place. Of course, at BrightMinds we make sure all our toys comply with EN71 of The Toy Safety Standards.

Not only do some plastic toys contain harmful chemicals, but the pollution from the manufacturing process causes harm to the planet. Recently, many organisations have started to consider how their business model may have an impact on the environment; aiming to minimise their Carbon footprint. 

Over the last decade, many toy companies have started making toys from recycled materials. Even though plastic toys are not considered “single-use”, most of them can’t be recycled, so they sit in landfills and end up in our oceans. Many companies are creating sustainable plastic toys that don’t have the harmful chemicals that studies have shown regular plastic toys can contain. 

There is mounting concern about PVC, phthalates, lead, BPAs and other toxic chemicals in toys, which could potentially cause harm to your children. Studies show that long-term exposure to these chemicals can be detrimental to your kid’s health. 

Types of Plastic Toy Alternatives

There are a variety of plastic-free toys and eco-friendly options to consider when buying educational toys for your little ones! Most of these options are comparative in price to their plastic counterparts and will be healthier for both your kids and the planet. 

Timeless Wooden Toys For Kids

Wooden toys are a wonderful option to replace the classic plastic toy. Many companies are using sustainably-farmed wood from FSC certified forests, which is a great option to ensure that the wood being used is considered sustainable. We all know that babies like to put just about any toy in their mouth, so ensuring that you are choosing non-toxic wooden toys for young children is crucial. 

Looking for a wooden toy to keep them entertained for hours on end? Check out our wonderful collection of wooden train sets and tracks today! More specifically, the BigJigs Fire and Rescue Train set is a wonderful kit for all little ones. Put together the track and watch your train zoom along!

Fire and rescue train set

Enchanting Books For Little Ones

One of the best plastic-free options at BrightMinds is a good book! Books are a wonderful gift that can be passed on from child to child throughout the generations, making them very eco-friendly and long-lasting, as well as educational.

One of our favourite books at BrightMinds is Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders! This great book tells the reader stories of wonderful women who achieved great things within their lifetime, with some beautiful illustrations throughout! You can browse BrightMinds extensive collection of books today to find the perfect gift for your little one. 

Great women who worked wonders book

Eco-friendly Toys That Teach Children About The Environment

At BrightMinds, we also stock a variety of toys and activities that help to teach your little ones about the natural world around them. From microscopes to bug houses, these toys make learning about nature extremely fun and help them to understand the significance of the natural world in the process. 

Our personal favourite is the Build a Bee Hotel Gift in a Tin! This is an extremely fun activity to do with your little ones, all whilst teaching them about the importance of our fuzzy little friends. You’ll be helping the environment by setting up a home where bees can come and go as they please, helping to save the species in the process. 

Bee home

Shop Eco-friendly Toys With BrightMinds

These are just a few reasons to consider plastic toy alternatives for your children and the wide array of choices available that can also help the planet. Consider some of these eco-friendly options to benefit your little one’s health, knowledge and play experience!

BrightMinds has a world-class range of educational toys, games, gifts & wooden toys that inspire and entertain your children. Our extraordinary customer service backs each purchase. Check out our selection of environmentally-friendly toys today. Please get in contact if you have any further questions!

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