What Toys are Trending in 2022?

Since we’re a quarter of the way through the year, we thought we’d share a list of our most popular kids’ educational toys and games on the BrightMinds store. Hopefully, this list will inspire your next virtual shopping trip for your special little one! 

With a range of diverse STEM toys to choose from – including artful craft kits and toys suited to outdoor play – imaginative play has never been this fun. We’ve picked out 10 of the bestselling toys and gifts on our site, giving you an idea of our most popular toys for boys and girls.

BrightMinds’ Top 10 Children’s Toys of the Year (So Far)

As we know, playtime and learning go hand in hand. This is the mission of all STEM toys: to provide a seamless experience between education and fun!

Below are our top-selling kids' toys for the first quarter of the year.

1. Night Mission Vision Goggles


The Night Mission Vision Goggles are the undisputed BrightMinds bestseller this year. With an impressive vision filter that renders night-time scenes in enhanced detail, these are sure to be a real hit with inquisitive kids who enjoy an exciting moonlit adventure!

 The goggles also feature a retractable scope with 2x magnification to get a closer look at things like nocturnal critters. These battery-powered goggles are lightweight and easy to use – no wonder they’re such a hit!


2. Live Butterfly Garden Kit

For kids who love the wonderful world of insects, this Butterfly Garden Kit is a must-have.


The kit includes a mesh enclosure to allow kids to watch the miracle of metamorphosis take place. Also included is a voucher for live caterpillars with free postage and packing, which can be redeemed at your child’s convenience. When placed in the enclosure, the caterpillars will over time transform into butterflies – a natural miracle that unfolds right before your child’s eyes.


This is a truly delightful gift that will excite kids of all ages!


3. The Ever-Exciting Energy Stick


The Energy Stick is a sophisticated children’s toy with a smart premise: to demonstrate the flow of an electrical current. With a transparent cylinder housing a circuit with miniature bulbs that light up when the circuit is completed, it’s the perfect entry point for budding physicists to learn about electricity. 

4. Amazing Flower Kit

The Amazing Flower Kit has featured regularly in our blog as a terrific gift for kids in a variety of categories. Perfect for kids who enjoy a good craft day, the kit allows children to assemble their own bouquets with a variety of colour and shape combinations. The result is stunningly unique arrangements every time, giving the lucky recipient endless reasons to come back!

5. Window Bird Feeder



The Window Bird Feeder offers budding birdwatchers an imaginative way of seeing their favourite winged creatures up close. The feeder can be attached to the outside of a window or a fence, allowing your children to view the action up close without startling the birds.


Simply fill the easy-to-assemble feeder with birdseed and watch the magic unfold – a must for young nature lovers.


6. Gift in a Tin: Make Your Own Insect House



Continuing the trend of nature observation, the Make Your Own Insect House Gift in a Tin is the perfect way to give curious children a means of studying their favourite critters. The house itself requires assembly out of the tin, with instructions that show how to build it using the included wood glue. It’s designed to attract garden insects and act as a viewing station for budding environmentalists.

It’s encouraging that toys and gifts for outdoor play are among the most popular products in 2022. Even though the world is becoming increasingly digital, nature is as enticing as ever for inquisitive minds.

7. Djeco’s Charlotte Box Stationery Kit



The Charlotte Box Stationery Kit makes for a brilliant first stationery box. The box houses a variety of pieces, including:

  • Notebooks
  • Bookmarks
  • Stickers
  • Cards & envelopes
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil & eraser


This allows your child to customise their stationery set as they please, and the rich spread of items will keep them busy for a good while.


8. Buttonbag’s Learn How to Knit Kit



The folks at Buttonbag are pros at helping kids get into knitting and sewing. The Learn How to Knit Kit introduces budding knitters to the key skills every knitter needs, with an introductory guide to help them get started on their journey.


Each piece in the kit is designed for smaller hands, with all the key pieces you’d expect in a comprehensive knitting kit. Patterns and multiple balls of yarn also come packed in, so young knitters can get started right out of the box!


9. Bugnoculars by Learning Resources



The Bugnoculars are consistently a BrightMinds bestseller and one of the best binoculars for children. Despite the name, they’re not just ideal for observing bugs safely; plant life and even aquatic critters can be observed when the viewing tray is filled with water!


This gives kids a new way of getting up close to nature – in a manner that’s both safe for kids and for the animals.


10. The Magnetic Tabletop Whiteboard Easel



Finally, we have this miniature Magnetic Whiteboard Easel. With 8 coloured pens and a wipe-off eraser included, it’s perfect for some whiteboard creativity. The board itself is also entirely magnetic, allowing kids to stick other magnetic materials to the board, too.


Whether planning menus, creating lists or simply doodling, the tabletop whiteboard easel is a creative powerhouse for kids of all ages.


Browse a Range of Popular Kids’ Toys at BrightMinds


We’ve come to the end of our top 10 bestsellers list – but by no means is that all the BrightMinds online toy store has waiting to be discovered!

Explore our full range today and pick out the perfect trending gift for your special little one.

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