The Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls

At 5 years old, girls are inquisitive, full of energy and developing new interests every day. Finding the perfect toy for a 5 year old girl that incorporates fun and education can help to keep them entertained, especially throughout the summer holidays.

Toys can be a great tool to help children develop important skills such as fine motor skills, coordination, goal setting and creativity - just to name a few. This guide will discuss the most effective types of educational toys for 5 year old girls, as well as examples that can be found at BrightMinds. 

Activity Kits For 5 Year Old Girls

Children’s activity kits that provide your little ones with a task are a great way to get them thinking about problem solving. Kits that need to be assembled, built or grown from scratch enable children to use their imagination and coordination skills to work out how to complete a task from start to finish. While this helps to develop their problem solving skills, it’s also a great way to encourage children with their goal setting skills which helps them with a sense of accomplishment.

From Crystal Kits to Toy Garden Growing Kits, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect present for your 5 year old at BrightMinds.




Arts and Crafts Toys For Kids

For those little ones who are starting to develop a creative streak as they grow, toys that are based around arts and crafts are a great way to further develop their artistic interests. Arts and crafts toys encourage children to explore their creativity and imagination whilst also developing skills such as hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. By enabling children to have fun while experimenting with their creativity in a relaxed setting, arts and craft toys serve as one of the best educational toys for 5 year old girls - especially during summer.

Take your crafts outside into the sunny garden, to the beach or on a family vacation this summer holiday! Just some of the wonderful artistic toys that can be found at BrightMinds include Painting Activity Books, Tap Tap Art, Weaving Kits and more!

Childrens Dress Up and Costume Play 


As a young child, dressing up and playing in costumes has forever been one of the most exciting activities to do with friends! Role play amongst children is a really important activity to encourage, as it helps to develop their communication skills whilst letting their imagination run wild. At 5 years old, your little ones are learning new words, phrases and meanings - letting them express this new found knowledge in a safe and playful setting is wonderful for the development of their vocabulary and communication.

Most of all, dressing up as a spacewoman, magician or princess is extremely fun, and encourages your 5 year old to dream big! We have a great variety of dress up costumes and toys for 5 year old girls available at BrightMinds. 



Outdoor Toys For 5 Year Olds

Outdoor toys are a wonderful choice when looking for toys to keep 5 year olds entertained throughout the summer holidays.

Playing outside is a great way to ensure your little one is getting enough fresh air and sunlight, while also encouraging movement and physical play! Outdoor toys can also be taken to the beach, on family holidays or to a friend's house for birthday party games.


Using outdoor toys to play with friends and family is a great way for children to develop their communication skills and confidence, all while having fun! Just some of the great outdoor toys available at BrightMinds include Butterfly Garden Kits, Water Slides, Play Tents and more!

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Whatever you’re looking for, we have a great selection to meet your needs. Explore our exciting range and find the perfect toy for your 5 year old girl - these gifts are sure to brighten her day!

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