Best Educational Toys for Kids Going Back to School

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer holiday. Whether you’re a parent who’s spent some precious time with your little ones, or a teacher who’s had the summer holidays to recharge, you truly deserved it! The new school year is just around the corner, so helping children ease back into learning with educational toys is a top priority in the coming months. 

At BrightMinds, we have a great variety of STEM toys which align perfectly with the school syllabus. Toys that are educational, engaging and fun can help prepare children for more advanced learning as they continue to grow. Whether you’re a teacher who’s looking to get involved in educational games with your class, or a parent who’s looking to ease your little one back into learning, BrightMinds will have the perfect toy for you! 

Back To School Children’s Group Games

Loop It Kids Game

As children return back to school, they’re super excited to see their teachers and classmates again. That’s why it’s great to incorporate games that can be played together by the whole classroom! Educational games that get everyone involved are a great way to learn in the process of having fun. Engaging with classmates can help to develop children's communication skills, vocabulary and confidence, all whilst boosting their imagination. Whether it’s role playing in dress up costumes, puppet games or magic sets, BrightMinds have a great variety of educational games to get the whole classroom involved!

Outdoor Games For The Whole Classroom

Black and white Checkers board

Getting children outside during their time at school is a great way to let off some energy, all while reaping the benefits of the fresh air and sunlight. We might yet be able to squeeze some good weather out of September, so bringing games outside is a great way to keep little ones entertained when the sun decides to come out. Providing them with space to run and jump outside is a great way to develop their coordination skills, all while improving their general health through exercise. Whether it’s a parachute game, garden draughts or a sports day set - we know your little ones will love it!

STEM Toys For Back To School


STEM Toys are a wonderful way to educate children about Science, Technology, English and Maths, all while still having fun! Whatever topics you may be teaching at school, STEM Toys are great to use in the classroom. Children learn best from experience, so providing them with a practical, fun task to complete is the best way to help them store all of that knowledge. Using educational toys is a great way to develop problem solving skills, critical thinking, creative innovation and general intelligence. Whether you’re looking for a lab kit, times tables resources or spelling games, BrightMinds provide great games to align with the school syllabus.

Kids Puzzles And Kits For Play Time

Gamelot Game

It’s always great to have a variety of games for children to choose from at play time. Picking a game of their choice enables them to develop areas of interest in their spare time. Children’s puzzles and kits are a great way to get children to communicate with one another, whilst also helping to develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving skills. Teachers are also able to get involved and oversee the games, whilst children are given leadership and responsibility over the game they have chosen to play. Whether it’s a classic jigsaw puzzle, board game or a more advanced kit that needs to be assembled, this is a great way to incorporate fun and education into play time!

Children’s Books For All Ages 

Elmer Book

BrightMinds also provides a wide range of children’s books for all ages. Reading time is such a crucial part of a child's development - helping to develop their vocabulary, communication skills, knowledge and confidence. A good book is also great for inspiring children’s play and imagination both inside and outside of school. Picture books, reference books, activity books and more - BrightMinds has exactly what you need for when the kids return back to school. 

Be Prepared For Back To School This September

What are you waiting for? BrightMinds has a huge variety of great activities and STEM Toys to make going back to school fun this term! Make your classroom a fun and relaxed environment with our brilliant educational toys that put the 'fun' in 'functional'.

Got any questions? We’d love to hear from you! Get in contact today to find out more about our range of toys.

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