Making Geography Fun For Kids

Geography is a fun subject that teaches children about the world we live in. From natural disasters and flags, to where each country lands on the map, there’s so much to see and learn. Getting your child interested in Geography at a young age can teach your children to understand how the earth works, and how changes to the earth can affect us.

Geography toys are a way to teach children the wonders of the world through play. Making Geography fun through toys can pique a child's interest and help them to understand the subject throughout their time at school.


Why should I buy Geography toys for my kids?


Children are curious about the world around them, including the parts they can’t see. Encouraging children to be inquisitive teaches them that learning can be fun, and allowing them to learn more about the world will set them up for the future. 

There are so many different types of learning, and learning through play encourages a positive learning experience for children that will have them wanting to learn. Motivating your child to learn more about a subject they’re interested in can be beneficial to a child's learning and development.

Geography toys and globes are a fantastic way to encourage children to learn more about the world around them outside of the classroom. Learning about Geography can teach children to develop a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as working on their problem-solving skills. Educational toys are a great way to get your child learning outside of school, without it seeming like a chore. 


Which Geography Toys should I pick?


When it comes to picking toys for your child, the choices can seem endless. Choosing a toy that will be fun and interesting for your child, and won’t just end up gathering dust, can feel daunting, but it may feel even more difficult when trying to find a toy that is both educational and fun. 

Finding a Geography toy that is both informative and exciting may seem tricky, which is why we have compiled a list of five great Geography toys that will help you find the right toy for your child. From learning about the layout of the world to the things we learn that happen around us, there’s a toy for everyone.

Whether your child likes puzzles or hands-on learning, there’s a geography toy that will suit them.


Our Top 5 Geography Toys for Kids


Learning Resources Puzzle Globe


Geography Toys for Kids

The Learning Resources Puzzle Globe is a great introduction to our world for your little one. A cross between a world globe and a jigsaw puzzle, teach your child about the different continents of the world with this visual learning tool. Uniquely fitted pegs mean the continents will only fit in their unique spot on this 3D globe, teaching your child the correct placements of the continents on the map.


Chunky and easy to wipe clean, the Puzzle Globe was designed to help children aged 3+ learn about the world.


Mega Globe


Geography Toys for Kids


A step up from the Puzzle Globe is the Mega Globe. This large, inflatable globe is perfect for coming up with fun geography games that teach children all about the world. Pass the ball around as you take it in turns finding all of the world's capital cities, or find as many countries that start with the letter A as possible. The possibilities are endless with the Mega Globe, and when your children are tired of naming countries it makes the perfect ball for a game of catch.

Discover continents, countries, capital cities and oceans, as well as longitude and latitude with this giant inflatable globe that is perfect for children aged 4+.


Earth & Constellation Globe


Geography Tips for Kids


The 2-in-1 Earth & Constellation Globe goes from day to night, changing as soon as the light changes. Discover the wonders of the world with a geographical globe throughout the day, before discovering constellations once it gets dark. Not only is the Earth & Constellation Globe a beautiful addition to any child's bedroom, but the exciting glowy transformation is perfect for piquing their interest in geography and the world around them


Happy Puzzle Jigraphy Flags Map


Geography Toys for Kids


Learn about the different countries around the world with the Happy Puzzles Jigraphy Flags Map. Discover the colours of the French Flag, or the exciting patterns of the flag of Grenada, there are so many countries to learn about in this fun jigsaw that’s perfect for those rainy weekends. Discover the capital cities of each country, as well as their currency and population as you work to fit the right pieces together to uncover the final puzzle. Finish your fun flag puzzle experience with a multi-level quiz to test your knowledge.


Discover the 193 states of the United Nations as you finish the puzzle which is perfect for children aged 6 and over. 


Aftershock: Earthquake Simulator


Geography Toys for Kids


Get stuck in with this hands-on Aftershock: Earthquake Simulator. Build a variety of structures, and then test them against various magnitudes and durations of an earthquake to see who comes out on top. 

Natural Disasters are one of the more exciting topics within Geography, and what better way to learn about them and their effect on the world than a birds-eye view of an earthquake. The variable-lock girder system is great fun for kids to play with, and the structure can be changed to see the different effects of earthquakes on the dual-motion quake table.

Discover more about earthquakes and how to prepare for them with the seismic science book that is included with this set for children aged 7 and over.


Want to know more about the best Geography toys for kids?

Geography toys are a great way to get kids learning through play, making geography fun! From Natural Disasters to the wonders of the world, there’s so much for children to learn about our world, and they can enjoy themselves whilst doing it.

Get in touch with the team at BrightMinds for any more information about our range of fun Geography toys for kids, or check out our FAQ page for answers to your questions.

Our Geography toys have been designed to teach children about the Geography of the world, whilst still having fun.


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