Games to Help Prepare for SATs

SATs revision is necessary for your child's development, however, some children can find it boring and can become easily distracted or demotivated. This is when education toys can come into play!

Some children learn best from notes in books using standard revision techniques, but for many, encouraging your children to play and learn at the same time could help them achieve their best during their exams. 

How play encourages children's development

Play as a child improves their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. Through play, children learn about the world and themselves.

Play also helps to develop the skills they need for study, work and creating relationships; skills such as confidence, responsibility, resilience, independence, curiosity, self-esteem and problem-solving.  

Our top tips for SAT success

Helping your child prepare for their upcoming SATs tests may be a challenge, but keeping things entertaining and engaging is a great way to make learning fun. Here are our top tips for SAT success…

Create the right environment - This can be anything from making sure your child feels secure and confident to creating a space with no distractions like the TV or computer.  

Be positive - Remain positive throughout the revision process as this will help your child to remain positive. 

Having fun - Having fun creates a lighthearted atmosphere which will help your child to feel better about making any mistakes. 

STEM toys that can help your children learn in the lead-up to exams 

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The best definition of STEM Toys is toys developed with an educational purpose in mind that positively encourage learning. At BrightMinds, we have a whole range of exciting and fun STEM toys that do not feel like educational toys, that can help your children this exam season.  

Within this article, we’ve selected some of our favourite games that are perfect for your child's SAT revision. Take a look below! 

Great Gizmo Magnet Science

The Great Gizmo Magnet Science set is a great introduction to magnetism using fun games and experiments to demonstrate the basic scientific principles, perfect for children ages 10 and above as well as those looking for fun games for SAT preparation.  

There are instructions for 10 exciting experiments including how to construct a magnet racer, make a yacht compass, go magnetic fishing and create a magnetic sculpture. And of course, you can use your various magnets to make your own fun afterwards, allowing hours of fun! 


Magnet Science

Xray of the Human Body

Re-assemble the puzzle, observe the images and discover how fascinating the human body is. The Human Body Under X-Ray is the perfect puzzle to test your memory and observation skills in the run-up to your SAT exams. In addition to the puzzle, with the magic torch, you can complete the “missions” and also observe what cannot be seen by the naked eye!


X Ray of the Human Body Game


The educational benefits of An Xray of the Human Body by HeadU 

  • Learn all about the human body
  • Including the vital functions and organs, and systems
  • Observation and the scientific method
  • Improves visual memory
  • Helps attention and concentration


One from of our best-sellers collection is the BrainBolt! The BrainBolt challenges your brain to memorise light sequences, in which you follow along for as long as you can without breaking the pattern! The handheld game includes various ways to play including solo mode, head-to-head, timed race and advanced mode for expert players, allowing children to add a competitive edge to their learning to keep it engaging and fun. 

The BrainBolt is great for encouraging friendly competition, as well as testing your memory, which is vital for exam season.


Brain Bolt


The Thames and Kosmos Magic of Magnets

Inside this fascinating Magic of Magnets set are 33 engaging experiments and games for your child, along with a 48-page full-colour manual crammed with instructions, ideas and interesting facts.

There are ring magnets, ball magnets, block magnets, bar magnets and a horseshoe magnet, plus iron powder, a compass, plastic chips and more. Experiment to discover which materials are magnetic and which aren't. Learn about magnetic poles and magnetic fields, discover how the Earth behaves like one giant magnet, and how we use this knowledge to find which way is north. Make invisible magnetic fields and build an electromagnet to learn how electricity relates to magnetism.

This outstanding science kit is perfect for showing how fun STEM can be and encourages scientific experimentation whilst building problem-solving skills!  

Magnetic Science

Maths Brainbox

We understand that studying for maths exams can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Maths is made fun with the Brainbox! The BrainBox is a fun memory and observation card game which tests your eye for detail. What can you remember in just 10 seconds? Containing 55 curriculum-based game cards, representing different maths elements, from; Multiplication to Fractions, Time to Graphs and much more besides. 

The game helps children to expand their numeracy and most importantly confidence with maths while also developing the cognitive skills of observation and memory recall, foundations of lifelong learning.


Brain Box

Discover the perfect educational toy for your children 

Here at BrightMinds, we have a wide variety of educational toys and games that will help your child with all aspects of their learning. Whether you’re looking to improve their Maths & English or nurture their creativity with Arts & Crafts in time for their SATs, you can find what you need here at BrightMinds. 

For more information, feel free to contact us or explore our FAQs if you have any questions or need any help finding the perfect product for your little one.

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