How to Play Board Games with Kids: Tips for Family Fun

Board games for your children come with many benefits besides being fun for the whole family. The greatest benefits are the mental and social skills they develop. Board games help your kids learn decision-making skills and analyse and solve problems. They are interactive and social, building self-esteem and teaching kids how to be cooperative with others. Smaller children build educational skills with games that teach numbers, the alphabet, colours, animals and more, while bigger kids grow problem-solving skills, an understanding of cause and effect, their development skills and more. There’s no limit to the number of benefits board games provide your children.

Tips for Playing Board Games with Kids

Board games are like the video games of the past, but they never go out of style and are more educational. If you want to get your children excited about board games, follow our tips below in choosing the right games. If you intend to teach and playing games with your kids, it’s important also to be understanding and patient — and it wouldn’t hurt to let them win!

Age Appropriate

When thinking of what board games to buy your children, first consider their age and where they are in their development — you want something age-appropriate. If you purchase something beyond their skill level, they may get frustrated and not want to play. But if you choose something way too easy, your kids will get bored and also avoid the game. So it’s a fine line you must walk to get something that is going to stimulate their brains and entertain, while not being too complicated to learn or reach the goal. 

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Many traditional board games are made for older kids, but your young ones will enjoy our selection of games that build their cognitive development and fine motor skills — and also help them learn the alphabet, colours and get them counting. These games also have larger pieces so your children can grasp, but not swallow them. To get your kids on their feet and to help build hand-eye coordination, we love Melissa and Doug’s magnetic fishing and counting game

Themes They Enjoy

One of our most popular and best-selling board games is City of Zombies. But not every kid is keen to play a game about zombies because it might give them nightmares — ao if your kids aren’t into zombies, this probably isn’t the game for them. You want to choose themes they will enjoy. If your children are girly, then choose lighter themes with animals and fairy tales. If they are really into science or solving problems, choose board games with spy elements or experiments. There’s a board game for every kind of hobby, passion, or interest, so choose accordingly.

Coding games have become very popular. They develop coding thinking and problem-solving skills, so they are fun and educational, too. This double-sided board game requires planning and creative thought to program the route and cross the finish line of a variety of different environments.

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Educational and Fun

We love it when a game or a toy is educational as well as fun. Board games fit the bill — although some are more educational than others. One of our favourites is the Money Bags game, which teaches kids both about money and mathematics. This clever game helps children with addition, subtraction, recognising coin denominations, and understanding equivalency.

The new Bee Logic board game is a tactical game that stimulates the brain and teaches your children patience. They must use the challenge cards to place the bees in the hive to get the desired result. 

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BrightMinds has a world-class range of educational toys, games, gifts & presents for kids that inspire and entertain. Our extraordinary customer service backs each purchase. Check out our selection of board games for kids today.

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