City of Zombies Maths Game

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The Ultimate Edition features 4 difficulty levels to suit all abilities; Beginner, Advanced, Expert and Master.

Perfect for fun learning of quite complex mathematics from addition and subtraction to multiplications and square roots.

Lock and load your battle dice the Zombies are coming! You’ll need to use your brains if they’re not going to get you. Select your heroes and team up to fight for your lives against an advancing Zombie horde. Roll the dice and combine all the numbers on the dice to take out as many Zombies as possible.

Unlock power ups, battle Zombie and Alien bosses. Clear the board for bonus survivor cards, but beware! The Zombies are after you and if your barricade gets overrun, it’s game over…..

City of Zombies is a co-operative, dice-based intense team survival game. Players must work together, discuss and share ideas in their fight for survival in this fun and frantic family game. They combine dice to target and remove Zombies from an ever-advancing horde before their barricade is overrun.

Revised and illustrated step by step rules guide you through set up and play so you can be set up and playing in minutes, and right from the start you’re thrown into the action. The game is suitable for all ages and abilities, and can be played in as little as 20 minutes (in the shorter version). The game involves manipulating the numbers rolled on the dice using different combinations of mathematical functions (from basic addition and subtraction through to squaring and cube rooting) to hit the exact numbers on the encroaching Zombie cards.

The Ultimate Edition introduces negative number Zombies and Cubing in the Expert and Master difficulty levels.

Originally developed to assist the designer's daughter with her maths, City of Zombies is a fun way to improve numeracy, using non-threatening maths play. It encourages confidence, communication & learning.


  • Illustrated, step by step Rule booklet
  • 3 Battle Dice
  • Rescue Plane Turn counter
  • Level 1 - 4 Zombie cards
  • 18 Heroes (9 Boys, 9 Girls) each with a ’Special Move'
  • 2 x ’Transformation’ Hero cards
  • Survivor cards
  • Event cards
  • Item cards
  • Game Board

For 1 to 6 mixed ability players covering + – x � squaring & square roots operands and introducing negative numbers and cubing. Perfect for Key Stage 2 Mental Maths revision, but has been tested with younger children.

Play-time 20 to 45 mins.

Age 5 to Adult

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United Kingdom

City of Zombies Maths Game

Brilliant game for children. We gave this to our 10 year old grandson who now understands what a square root is!

Trusted Customer

City of Zombies Maths Game

A brilliant game! Our 7year old was so excited by the zombies he didn't notice we were actually doing maths to play it... Working as a team means his attention was kept even if he was slower to see the trickier dice options at times. The different levels mean there's huge scope for it to grow with his confidence too. We adults enjoyed it just as much!

Trusted Customer

City of Zombies Maths Game

Really good game - makes maths really fun!

Trusted Customer

City of Zombies Maths Game

Need to get to grips with the rules but then a challenging and fun game.

Trusted Customer

City of Zombies Maths Game

Great present for my grandaughter

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