5 Best Science Toys for Kids

Science is a fascinating subject for many of us, but it stands as a firm favourite amongst children in particular. With so many topics falling under the science umbrella, from the Human Body to Space and Plants, there is much to explore and learn. Getting your children interested in science at a young age can be really beneficial when it comes to your child's development, and specifically, children's science toys can be very advantageous. 

Why should I buy science toys for my kids?


We’re sure as you are probably aware, children are inquisitive! The best way to encourage this curiosity is to channel it into something beneficial, including learning and often and helping to motivate a topic your child loves,  can help with developmental skills. 

Science toys form part of our range of STEAM toys, Science and Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. These are a group of educational areas that can have multiple benefits for children's development including fine motor skills, imagination, independent thinking and problem-solving. 

Even with a passion for a topic, it is quite understandable that your child may not want to enrol in a weekend full of learning when not at school, and it is important to let children have the time away from the classroom to switch off, relax and most importantly - have fun!

However, there are many other ways to help your kids develop their passion for a topic such as science that is quite different to the learning they would do in school. Here at BrightMinds, we believe learning should be fun, and with our mission being to foster a ‘brighter way to play’, we believe that educational toys are a great way to help your kids continue with their development. 

Which science toy should I choose?


We know the decision can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing a new toy for your child and with so many on the market, it's sometimes hard to pick one that you know your child will love, and not get bored off after a few days! That decision can be even harder when it comes to purchasing an educational science toy for your child, but we have a few simple suggestions to help you get it right the first time.

Firstly, think about what else they enjoy. Arts, Technology, nature? Science in general works hand in hand with many other subjects, and science toys are not too different. If you know your child loves animals, maybe chose something to do with evolution. 

Or if your child has an interest in technology, find a toy around mechanics and engineering.  We have put together a guide to our top 5 science toys to help you find the best science toy for your kids.

Our top 5 best science toys

Introduction to Engineering Thames and Kosmos Little Labs


Children's Science Toys


The Introduction to Engineering Thames and Kosmos Little Labs is a great choice to get your little ones involved with both science and engineering. The aim of this toy is to get kids to understand how scientific knowledge is used by engineers when designing and building mechanical items such as cars and rockets.

With 25 hands-on experiments, your child can begin with the basics such as levers, forces and pulleys before moving on to examine vehicles with wheels. We’d recommend this toy for children above 5 years old.

LogiBlocs Smart Circuit


Children's Science Toys


We love the LogiBlocs Smart Circut here at BrightMinds. It is perfect for little ones with a keen interest in basic coding. LogiBlocs is an electronic discovery system that can help children understand the world of technology we live in. 

Once the blocs are plugged together, children can build control systems that are both fun and useful! Good for children aged 4+ there is endless amounts of fun to be had with the LogiBlocs Smart Circuit. 

Butterfly Garden Kit with Live voucher


Children's science toys


This Butterfly Garden Kit is a great pick for any children with a keen interest in nature and animals. A great way to establish excitement for living species and introduce your children to the life cycle. Your child can watch and check in daily as your live caterpillars grow and transform into butterflies which can then be let out in the garden or nearby park. 

This educational kit gives children the opportunity to watch the Metamorphosis process up close, and understand the different stages of a Caterpillar turning into a Butterfly. Under adult supervision, this is one of the best science toys for children aged 4 and over.


4M Great Gizmo Crystal Growing Experiment Kit


Children's science toys


The perfect toy for your little ones who harness a keen interest in chemistry, the 4M Great Gizmo Crystel Growing Experiment Kit makes a wonderful science toy. 

This kit encourages children to learn about how crystals are formed and discover how particles behave in water and saturated solutions. 

Your kids can start a crystal collection by growing their very own crystals. With a choice of colours to choose from each can be unique to your child. The kit also includes display cases to keep their new creations protected, and on show.


Thames and Kosmos Magnetic Science


Children's Science Toys


The Thames and Kosmos Magnetic Science is a fantastic science kit to encourage children to interact with the science behind magnetic objects. Including 33 engaging experiments and games, your child can experiment to discover which items are magnetic and which aren't. Magnetic poles and fields are also explored to teach the magnetic focus on the earth. 

This toy is best recommended for children 8 and above due to its smaller parts. 


Want to know more about the best science toys for kids? 


Get in touch if you have any questions about our Science and Technology toys here at BrightMinds, and we’d be happy to help. 

We have a wide range of STEM toys available here at BrightMinds including Arts & Crafts and Mathematics learning toys. Explore our online catalogue to see our full range of STEM toys at BirghtMinds. 


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