3 Fun Felt Crafts for Kids to do on a Rainy Day

Paper Gift Bag full of multicoloured felt balls

Arts and crafts materials are a great way to help your child explore their creativity whilst having fun and making something they can be proud of, maybe even something you could display on the fridge. 

Rainy days can be frustrating when your child can’t get out to play, so maybe a fun filled crafternoon is the best alternative.

Discovering new textures and colours is a great way to stimulate learning and curiosity, helping to build nerve connections in a child's brain and helping them to develop fine motor skills.

Felt toys are a great way to introduce textures and colours to your child whilst allowing them to be creative and have fun.

Why should my children be playing with felt?

Felt can be completely biodegradable, making it the ideal craft material or toy for toddlers or children. Felt comes in a variety of colours and textures, perfect for sensory play and inspiring imaginations.

Toys and crafts made from felt can be great for helping your child's development, from fine motor skills to creativity and even critical thinking skills.

Sensory Play for Kids

Sensory play allows children to explore their senses with new textures whilst using their imagination and enjoying play time. Discover new textures, sounds, smells, tastes and colours using a variety of materials, from felt to jelly and everything in between.

Different textures like felt encourage tactile play, helping your child to learn about pressure, diverse textures and how to identify different objects. Felt is easy to touch, feel and manipulate, making it a great imagination tool that is easy to use both in play and during arts and crafts time.

Fuzzy Felt Arts and Crafts

Felt crafts for kids are ideal, the material is easy to chop, stick and move to create storyboards, shapes and toys to play with. Felt is soft and comes in a large variety of colours and textures that are easy to cut without fraying, making it easy to use for all types of arts and crafts projects.

Try creating flat arts using felt to make pictures, or build it up into fun 3D sculptures.

What are the best felt crafts for kids?

Does your little one love sensory play? Exploring colours, textures, shapes and creativity makes felt craft the ideal craft project for young children and toddlers, but where do you begin?

At Brightminds we have come up with our 3 favourite felt crafts for you to do with your child, using excellent felt toys.

Djeco Milfiori Felt Mosaics

Djeco Milfiori Felt Mosaic Kit

Mosaics are a great way to provide a calming, creative craft activity for your little one. Mosaics require both planning and focus on the task at hand, giving your child a fun, quiet time activity. 

Djeco Milfiori Felt Mosaics kit provides everything your child might need to create cute, pre-cut mosaics. This mosaic kit comes with three illustrated silhouettes for your child to choose from, perfect for a fun crafternoon with friends, siblings or for some independent play.

Create a cute squirrel, owl or butterfly from fun felt pieces, or allow your child to use their imagination to create their own creatures using the felt pieces provided, the possibilities are endless.

Turn your cute new felt mosaics into a fun sensory board with your child. Add other materials for a diverse range of colours and textures that stimulate your child's mind, helping with their development through tactile sensory play.

Galt Toys Sewing Case

Galt Toys Sewing Case Purple Sewing Kit for Kids

Felt is a brilliant first material to get your child interested in sewing with. Felt is soft enough to take the struggle out of sewing for little fingers, providing a great base for a new hobby that your child will love.

The Galt Toys Sewing Case comes filled with pre-cut felt pieces along with pom pom trims, assorted buttons and a variety of other craft and sewing materials to help your child create some set pieces as their first attempt at sewing. 

Help your child as they use felt to create a cute cottage cushion to decorate their room with, or as they sew decorative bunting, cupcake boxes and lavender hearts as they improve their skills whilst learning new textures and developing their fine motor skills.

Soft Felt Play Books

Play Felt Here Come the Dinosaurs Book with Felt dinosaurs

Play Felt Kits are a fantastic way to introduce felt into your child's sensory play time. Felt shapes are great for a child's development, exercising creative and fine motor skills.

The Farm Animals Play Felt Kit is the perfect way to teach your child about life on a farm whilst engaging them in sensory play and encouraging them to use their imaginations and get creative. Create storylines with the variety of farmyard friends, or follow the storyline in the included book.

Have fun on the Play Felt Construction Site with felt diggers, rollers and other machines that kids will love to learn, or teach your children all about the fun prehistoric world with Play Felt Dinosaurs. The possibilities are endless with the Play Felt Books.

Use the felt characters from these books to help illustrate the stories provided, make up your own, or use them for fun craft experiments. 

Create your very own storyboard using the felt characters provided and any additional sensory materials that you have around the house. Help your child design their very own felt dinosaur utopia, or the farmyard world of their dreams.

Mixing fun felt crafts with books is a great way to get your kids hooked on reading, boosting their imagination whilst taking the characters out of the pages.

Discover Felt Toys and Crafts for your Child from Brightminds

At Brightminds we like to encourage children’s creativity and growth, which is why we stock a variety of felt toys and craft supplies that are perfect for sensory play or craft time with your child.

Explore our full range of fuzzy felt toys, games at Brightminds, as well as our selection of Arts and Crafts equipment.

If you’d like more information about some of our materials or products, get in touch with our friendly team, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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