SmartMax Large

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SmartMax Large is a chunky magnetic building set designed for little hands with big imaginations. 

SmartMax Large contains 22 colourful magnetic bars and 8 metal balls. The attraction of magnets is simply irresistible for children to get there hand on! Plus, these oversized sturdy pieces offer a large range of exploring and connecting possibilities that stimulate the creativity of amplifying young minds. The oversized pieces are specifically created for handling by young children as they explore the interesting world of magnetism in a fun and safe way!

This unique coded colour sequence means cold and warm coloured bars will connect together (as unlike poles attract) but other combinations will repel.


  • 12 Medium bars
  • 6 Long bars
  • 4 Curved bars
  • 8 Metal balls.
  • Colourful guide with both product information and sample structures.
  • Approx Size: 43cm x 35cm x 6cm
  • 30 pieces.
  • Age 1+.




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