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KS2 Level 6

Highly able children used to be entered for the level 6 SATs papers at the end of Y6 of Key Stage 2 in either English, Maths or both subjects. 

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Make no mistake this is a tough exam; level 6 is what an average year 10 pupil would be expected to achieve! It involves additional SATs tests and here we have KS2 level 6 guides and practice papers to help make the grade.

This is pre 2016 info, but we thought it may still be useful!

Your child's UK SATs performance in National Curriculum tests according to their age is shown in the table below.
For example, an 11 year old child is expected to achieve level 4 by the end of year 6. A child achieving level 5 is working at a high level, and only one percent achieve level 6, which is the expected level of achievement of an average year 8 or 13 year old.
So, if your child is asked to sit the additional tests they really are exceptional; if they are not they are probably working to the level expected of them. If you have any concerns speak to your child's classroom teacher.

National Curriculum 
Year 2 (Age 7) 
Key Stage 1
Year 6 (Age 11) 
Key Stage 2
Year 8 
(Age 13)
Level 8 Exceptional
Level 7 Beyond Expectations
Level 6 Exceptional At Expected Level
Level 5 Beyond Expectations
Level 4 Exceptional At Expected Level Below Expectations
Level 3 Beyond Expectations Below Expectations
Level 2 At Expected Level
Level 1 Below Expectations

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