What to Buy a Child Who Has Everything: Unique Gift Ideas for Little Ones

If you’re looking for some fun and educational gifts for little ones, we’ve got some cool and unique kids gift ideas for children who seem to already have everything! Whether your children are into crafts, learning new science experiments, want to save the planet or want to learn all about animals, we’ve got gifts the whole family will enjoy. Blow their minds with these exciting and usual presents. 

Kids Gift Ideas For Little Einsteins

Science can include a number of studies like geology, biology, chemistry and physics. If you want to nurture a love of science in your kids, we recommend any of the Galt Toys Lab Sets. 

They are all engaging and informative. Who knows, you might have the next Darwin on your hands! If you’d like to ignite the scientific spark within your little one, we’d recommend the Galt Toys Rainbow Lab set for endless fun growing jelly-like crystals in test tubes!

Rainbow lab

If your kids are showing an interest in science, our special STEM toys will encourage critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and more. Another wonderful scientific kids gift idea is the 4M Great Gizmo Volcano Making Kit - build a volcano from scratch and watch it explode! You can find a wide variety of scientific kids gift ideas at BrightMinds when you browse our STEAM collection. 

Volcano making kit

Gift Ideas For Children Who Love Animals

We think all kids love animals, but some children want to know everything about them. Let your kids learn about the anatomy of the Great White shark while entertaining them at the same time. This Great White Shark Anatomy Model shows how the organs work together, allowing an insight into the species and evolution itself. It’s the perfect gift for kids obsessed with sea creatures.

Shark model

For kids who love animals and want to draw imaginative scenes with them, this Animal Stamp Set by Melissa and Doug is perfect. It comes with twenty rubber-faced, wooden-handled stamps and is a great way to expose your children to animals they might not usually see like bats, exotic birds, lizards and other rainforest animals! Browse BrightMinds kids gift ideas to find the perfect animal-based toy today.

Animal stamps

The Perfect Kids Gift Ideas For Creative Little Ones

Some kids are into playing with dolls, while others get an itch to create things with their hands and imagination. We have an entire arts and crafts section that is perfect for those creative kids who love to make things. Engaging in arts and crafts is a great way to boost their learning and development outside of the classroom, whilst boosting skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and communication, just to name a few! Browse our wonderful selection of arts and crafts based toys at BrightMinds today.

One of our favourite crafts is the Amazing Flower Kit because it doesn’t require glue or scissors, making it a safe and easy to clean up activity for kids five and up. Your children can unleash their imagination and create a stunning bouquet. The kit includes 48 multi-coloured foam flowers like the daisy, primrose and poppy, along with facts about each flower. So it’s not only fun but educational! This flower kit includes many gorgeous blooms that are easy to build with by pushing each piece onto the stems. Create your own unique bouquet. 

Amazing flower kit

There’s nothing more enchanting than this Fairy Garden. It’s one of our top sellers for kids who love to create their very own fantasy in real life. This kit includes everything your child needs to build a beautiful living garden with grass seeds, gravel, fairy cottage, fairy dust and more.  

Fairy garden


Gift Ideas For Kids Who Want To Save The Planet

Has your kid become an eco-warrior, eschewing plastic straws and trying to do less harm to the planet? Or are you the one who wants to create less waste in your household and try buying eco-friendly alternatives to plastic toys? Parents who have become aware that some plastic toys cause harm not only to their children but to the planet can shop BrightMinds extensive collection of educational toys to find eco-friendly alternatives that inspire children to be more sustainable. 

One of our favourite sustainable toys at BrightMinds is the Build a Bee Hotel Gift in a Tin! This wonderful toy enables children to build their very own bee house, teaching them the importance of our fuzzy friends in the process! Bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem, so helping them to thrive is as sustainable as you can get. 

Bee house


Shop Fun and Educational Kids Gifts With BrightMinds

BrightMinds has a world-class range of educational toys, games, crafts, gifts & wooden toys that inspire and entertain your children. Our extraordinary customer service backs each purchase. Check out our selection of wonderful kids gift ideas today to put a smile on your little ones face! If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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