The Best STEM Toys for Young Teens

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and at BrightMinds, we have a whole range of toys geared towards STEM, helping children with their curiosity, learning and education. STEM-related toys are important for children of all ages to help kids develop useful skills and continue their growth through learning. 

STEM toys make ideal gifts for not just young children but teenagers alike. Our range of Science & Tech toys makes for a fabulous educational gift. 

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Eight Educational Toys Perfect For Teenagers 

Within this blog, we have put together an extensive list of some of the most popular and engaging STEM toys for young teens to help support their development and show them that learning can be fun! 

Volcano Making Kit - 

First up is the Volcano Making Kit from Kidz Labs - this is the perfect gift for any young teen looking for a creative project to get stuck into. 

Teens love nothing more than making a mess and doing things for themselves, so why not add an explosion to the mix with this make your own volcano kit! Teach your child all about science and the natural world whilst they build, mould, paint and erupt their own lava-filled volcano

This creative kit teaches and encourages an understanding of geology and science whilst still being interactive and fun.  


Rainbow Lab - 

Next, we have the exciting Galt Toys Rainbow Lab. Experiment with your favourite colours through colour mixing, then grow amazing jelly-like crystals in many different colours from your experiments. Create a rainbow in a test tube and see the world through rainbow glasses. And who doesn't want to see the world in rainbow colours!  

Not only does the Rainbow Lab encourage fun educational learning through practical hands-on activities, but it also helps to improve your children's analytical skills through experimentation and encourages screen-free playing - which children growing up today need and value greatly.  

With 12 experiments included, the possibilities for fun are endless!  

Outdoor Adventure Microscope - 

Take learning outdoors with the Outdoor Adventure Microscope from Brainstorm Toys. The Adventure Microscope opens up a whole new world of possibilities and exploration as children move from the sofa to the great outdoors. 

The Outdoor Adventure Microscope gives brilliantly clear 20-40x magnification. View the smallest objects in fascinating detail with brightness and precision – insects, fabrics, moss, flower petals, hair and pond water all look amazing. Even vegetable skins look incredible! Undercover a secret new world made possible with our range of STEM toys

The Outdoor Adventure Microscope is the bee’s knees for seeing a bee’s knees! Perfect for field trips and outdoor adventures, as it comes with a handy lanyard for on-the-go exploration. 



Free-Climbing MicroBot - 

Next up on our favourite STEM toy list is the Gravity Bugs Free-Climbing MicroBot. Assemble the microbot to learn about its inner mechanisms, gears and electric circuit, complete with motor, battery, and switch. Once built, get all your friends together and experiment to see which types of surfaces your Gravity Bug can climb best. Defy gravity and choose the wackiest surfaces from your bedroom window to the bathtub!

This hands-on construction kit brings engineering and physics to life as it demonstrates the power of air pressure at work. What’s not to love! 



City of Zombies Maths Game - 

Grab your friends and get ready to play the best maths board game on the market. The City of Zombies is the winner of the Best Family Board Game, Best Maths Game, excelled in schools, Dice Tower Seal approved and recommended by the National Numeracy Society!           

The City of Zombies is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players. The Players play together against the game to win! Players take it, in turn, to roll and combine dice making a total that matches a Zombie's strength to remove it from play.

City of Zombies is a non-threatening game that builds confidence and encourages learning by rewarding players as their skills improve! 

Logiblocs Smart Circuit - 

The Logiblocs Smart Circuit is the perfect introduction to basic coding. Start your child’s journey into a career in Computer Science with the Smart Circuit set.  

Logiblocs is the electronic discovery system that helps children understand the world of technology that we are surrounded by - help them increase their curiosity and build their knowledge of the world around us. By plugging the blocs together, children can build control systems and various gadgets that are fun, useful and brain-stimulating! 

 Self-guiding AI Robot DIY - 

Have you ever wanted to build your own robot? Well, now you can with Tobbie, the self-guiding AI Robot DIY!

Put your DIY skills to the test with 107 push out pieces to assemble before Tobbie is brought to life. Once built, Tobbie turns into your new best robot friend, with two modes: 'Follow me' where he will follow anything moving (your hand or another Tobbie) and 'Explore' where he uses his IR sensor to avoid obstacles. 

Tobbie is the most amazing teacher of electronics and sensing technology and with a little help, most children will have a brilliantly satisfying STEM experience.


Great Gizmo Magnet Science - 

And to end our brilliant list, we have the Great Gizmo Magnet Science Kit - The Kidz Labs Magnet Science set is a fantastic introduction to magnetism, using fun games and experiments to demonstrate the basic scientific principles of magnets. 

Inside you will find ten amazing experiments to explore. Choose from learning how to construct a magnet racer, make a yacht compass, go magnetic fishing or test your creativity and create a magnificent magnetic sculpture! 

The Great Gizmo Magnet Science Kit is the perfect STEM toy to gift to your teens this year, as it promotes learning through creativity! 


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BrightMinds offers the best selection of toys for teenagers in the UK, with a wide range of STEM toys for children of all ages. But it doesn't stop there, our online toy store features a huge selection of arts and craft gifts, outdoor games, learning toys and so much more! So explore our full range today, 

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