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Thames & Kosmos are, in the words of BrightMinds founder Alison Quill, “the best the UK has seen since the old Salters Science Kit!” As a former science teacher, Alison really does know what she is talking about. She loves the “the quality and sheer brilliance of Thames and Kosmos Science Kits. Each one has superb instructions, beautifully illustrated and above all detailing science experiments for kids that actually work and put the excitement back into Science.”


I absolutely agree with Alison that Thames & Kosmos really make science accessible to everyone, encouraging both girls and boys to get excited about STEAM products. There is a huge range of products, covering: Chemistry, Physics, Alternative Energy, Electrical Science, Biology, Earth Science & Natural History, Astronomy and Space, Historical Science, Construction and Engineering, Robotics, Crystals and Materials, and Arts and Crafts.


Science education is important at any age – in addition to helping to make sense of the world around us, science teaches children to make observations, collect information and to use logical thinking to draw a conclusion, skills which are important for every part of our lives. It is vital to keep that natural curiosity going, even as they get older.


For your 8 – 14 year olds, this Sensors Alive kits is phenomenal! Aiming to demystify abstract physics phenomena (e.g. light, heat, sound), Thames & Kosmos say “the core of this science kit is an app-based video game in which you use real-world sensor data that you collect from your environment to generate a diverse array of creatures.”


This really is a chance for your young scientists to get involved in bioengineering (albeit in a pretend situation) and work on analysing data sent to the base unit from the sensor pods. There are some great discussions about how species evolve to be had which, in turn, can lead to climate change, environmental issues, habitats and more.


Another one for your older children, this Simple Machines set is a brilliant introduction to mechanical engineering - exploring how things are made, how machines operate and other elements of forces and motion. There are opportunities to investigate all six classic simple machines — wheels and axles, levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, and wedges — as well as gears.


There are some great examples of real life machines with which children can construct. Another important set of skills are developed through experimenting with engineering – complex problem-solving skills, collaboration and communication, and perseverance.


Thames & Kosmos have a super range of STEM experiment kits called Kids First which aims to teach simple concepts to young children. This adorable Robot Pet Shop introduces mechanical engineering to children of 5 and up where they can build robotic pets and really get involved with how the mechanical parts move in different ways.


Model building and experiments develop fine motor skills, mechanical engineering skills, visual-spatial skills, and reasoning and concept development skills. I love the accompanying storybook which features the Karlie and Ty from the Omega family (which can be found in other Kids First early engineering kits) and a whole host of funny robotic animals (I can’t decide whether my  favourite is Carmen the Chameleon or Simon the Sloth!).


Whichever STEAM topic your child is interested in, Thames & Kosmos will have something for them which will engage, excite and challenge them!


by Allie White, educational consultant to BrightMinds 


As a parent and former-teacher, Allie has a hands-on approach to home learning, believing that the best learning is done together in a relaxed environment.  


Our mission at BrightMinds is to foster “a brighter way to play” to inspire your child to be curious about the world around them & encourage creativity in a fun & relaxed way. 


We curate a world-class range of educational toys, games, gifts & books which are good quality, safe and backed by our extraordinary customer service. Science Kits are our speciality and a Thames & Kosmos Science Kit from BrightMinds is a wonderful gift for your special girl or boy. 

Backed by our 90 day guarantee we are the number one site for thoughtful toys for kids!


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