How to Instil a Love for Art in Your Child

Art is a very important part of any child's development, from messy play as a toddler to more advanced art projects as your child gets older, it can be the catalyst to a lifelong interest in the creative arts.

However, with technology such as television and gaming apps getting far more popular amongst children of a young age, art can often take a back seat when it comes to how they chose to spend their free time.

Instilling a love for art in your child is really important when it comes to a child's growth. From fine motor skills to self expression, there are many benefits to regular art-based activities. 

How can I inspire my child to love art?

Inspiring your child to love art may be a tough process if you don’t enjoy it personally. The best way to instil and encourage a love for art is to get involved yourself and lead by example. 

Why not try asking your child or little one in your life what type of art they would like to do together. Whether it's painting or drawing, getting creative together is a great way to show your child how fun art can be. 

Giving your child their own art space can also help to encourage art within their lives. 

Sometimes, art can be very emotion driven and therefore something your little one enjoys the best when self led. 

A small desk or space with your arts and crafts supply is perfect to give your child that independence when it comes to getting creative when they feel it is right. You could also give your little ones their own personal colouring book and pens to give them a designated place to get creative whenever they are.

The Djeco Big Box of colours is a great choice for this. Containing 88 Djeco pencils, markers, crayons, gel pastels, paint and paint brushes, sharpener and eraser. All of the supplies are organised in a recycled cardboard case, with white canvas ready for your child to get to work. 

Which art activities are best for my child?

There are many different art activities that can inspire your child to get creative. From DIY activities to children's art sets, the list is endless when it comes to choosing how to get your child involved with art. 

It is great to give your child a wide range of options to explore when it comes to arts and crafts. From drawing to painting and sculptures, there is so much to choose from to get your child inspired. Don’t be worried if your child hasn’t enjoyed art in the past.

this doesn’t mean they can't learn to love it. It's about finding an activity that they find enjoyable, and whilst they may not love drawing, painting may be something they love. 

Here at BrightMinds we know just how overwhelming it can be to choose something your child will enjoy that can also benefit them developmentally. We have put together a quick guide to our favourite arts and crafts picks for children. 

Green Creativity Recycled Paper Beads

Green Creativity Recycled Paper Beads

We love the Green Creativity Recycled Paper Beads here at BrightMinds. It is the perfect choice for those wanting to encourage creativity but also be environmentally conscious. 

The Green Creativity Recycled Paper beads allows users to take coloured paper, newspapers and magazine cuttings, or even wallpaper scraps to form beads. From here your child can have hours of fun creating items including necklaces and bracelets. 

Make 3D Animals Montessori 

Make 3D Animals Montessori

We know that children can make a lot of mess! Sometimes as parents we want to keep the house as clean and tidy as possible, and the Make 3D Animals Montessori is a great pick to avoid that mess but still keep your child engaged. 

This activity is superb at encouraging your child to use their fine motor skills, whilst learning at their own pace. The animal pieces fit together to create 3D models that can then be decorated with stickers to add details. 

This children's art set is also great for encouraging imagination and matching colours to keep your little one learning, whilst having fun.  

Djeco Watercolour Workshop Backlight


If your little one enjoys painting, then this may be a great pick to help instil a love of art. The Djeco Watercolour Workshop Backlight provides a colourful introduction to watercolour painting to give your little one a taste of the wonderful world of colour. 

With this art set, your child will learn how to compose colour progressions in watercolour to create striking images. 

4M Mould and Paint Dinosaur

4M Mould and Paint Dinosaur


The 4M Mould and Paint Dinosaur kit is a great children's art set for the dino lovers in your life. Your child is able to design 12 dinosaurs from plaster and paint when dry. From Triceratops to Stegosaurus, turn them into glow in the dark gifts including badges and fridge magnets.

This is a great gift to ensure your child is getting creative with different arts and crafts, whilst having a gift to remind themselves of how much fun they’ve had. 




The WaxiDoodles are a great no mess activity to get your children involved in. From 3+ this is perfect to get your child's imagination working! The coloured wax strips can be moulded into different shapes so the creation is endless. 

The modelling sticks can be stuck to any surface without leaving permanent marks behind, making it a perfect arts and crafts activity wherever you are. We know when it comes to modelling sticks,  you may have previous experiences with materials mushing together into a mess, however, the clever design ensures the WaxiDoodles does not do this. Perfect to use again, and again. 

Want to know how to instil a love for art in your child?

If you’d like to know more about encouraging your child to love art, please get in touch and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions.  Browse to find out more about our products, including Arts and Crafts, Science and Tech, and Maths and English


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