How to Buy Presents for Kids: A Guide to Getting It Right

If you are still scrambling to get presents for the kids in your life, whether your own or others, this guide will help you discover the perfect gift for Christmas. When you rush around last minute, you inevitably buy stuff that kids never use or want, and sadly it will make its way straight to the bin. We want you to avoid that! So put a little thought into making sure you buy something that gets used and loved. 

Do Your Research

Did your children give Santa a gift list? Take a look at it and ponder if the items are realistic. Ask yourself if the gift will require a lot of effort for them to use it or can they give it a go straight out of the box? If it’s something that will be a chore for your kids to put together or take many hours to learn, they may be less than enthused. Below are other things to consider when thinking of presents for kids this year.

Look at Toy Trends

Every year there is a list of toys marketed as the “it” toy. These trends become all the rage that every child is talking about. It may be tempting just to buy things on the trend list, but are they really worth it? We think the trends below are worth taking a look at for your gift list this year.


1. Robotics

Robots were considered the future many years ago, but the future is now! There are many cool robots available for kids on our site, which are trending. Artificial Intelligence is cool for all ages, and robots give children the chance to experience this technology up close and personal. Some are guided by remote control, while voice commands control many. The Xtreme Bots Spy Bot has a remote control that can be programmed to carry out fifty actions.  


2. STEM Learning

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. These toys have an educational component that takes the toy to the next level by stimulating problem-solving skills and creativity, along with developing hand-eye coordination and more. STEM toys should be at the top of your list for gifts this year. The Pendulonium STEM Challenge game lets your children have fun knocking over cones while learning the fundamentals of speed, distance and other physics concepts.


3. Eco-Friendly Toys

There are many great toy companies manufacturing toys from recycled materials that are better for the environment than their plastic counterparts. You might want to consider buying sustainable toys this Christmas — especially if you are trying to reduce your family’s waste. The Green Toys submarine takes bathtime to the next level with underwater exploration fun.


4. Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are often considered old fashioned, but we think they are timeless! Wood is an excellent material that rarely breaks, is long-lasting and can be passed from child to child, also making it an eco-friendly choice. We have wooden toys for all ages — toys that build hand-eye coordination for little ones and educational toys that help with learning the alphabet and counting for bigger ones. Bigjigs Triangular Activity Centre will help your children do both.



5. Video Games

Although we aren’t necessarily proponents of video games and screen time for kids, we must include them on the list since they are very popular. Just be sure to get games that have an educational component that helps grow self-confidence.

Ask Other Parents (or Aunties and Uncles, etc.)

There’s no shame in asking your community what they are buying their kids for Christmas. It takes a village, right? You may be tempted to Google what the trending gifts are, but keep in mind that many blogs feature products gifted for free, rather than items that were researched. So ask around at the next football match or school drop-off to see if your peers have good ideas for presents.

Look at the Longevity

One of the main problems with gift-giving and consumerism is the constant need to buy something new each year, rendering older toys useless. We encourage you to look at the longevity of the toys you are buying your kids — is it a novelty item or could it still be used in a year? Or maybe it’s something you can pass on from child to child? We are filling the landfills faster than is sustainable, so perhaps consider buying activities or an experience for your kids instead of material gifts.

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