Fun Ways to Learn About the Human Body for Kids

Little boy laughing as a circle of kids pull on his arms and legs

We all get one body, so it’s important we know all about it! From Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes to our internal organs, teaching children about the human body allows them to develop an awareness of their body, what it can do and how it works.

The Human Body For Kids, why is it important to teach?

Kids are naturally curious so giving them bodily awareness is important and teaches them all about illnesses, injuries and why their body does things. 

As humans we use our bodies without even thinking about it, but learning about how their bodies work is a great way to help kids with their cognitive dissonance, hand-eye coordination and physical health.

At BrightMinds we know that learning about their bodies can be fun for kids as well as an important lesson, which is why we have found the perfect alternative to the nursery rhyme. Teach your kids all about their bodies with these fun games and activities that will spark their curiosity and teach them all about themselves.

Draw A Life-sized Body

Great fun for all of the family, drawing your body is a great way to show your kids what they look like whilst also teaching them all about their body parts.

Get a large piece of paper, an old roll of wallpaper is ideal! Get your child to lie down on the paper and trace around them until you have a life-sized body. Help your child to label each of the body parts, from their arms and legs to where their heart, lungs and large intestine are supposed to be. 

The Human Body Under X-Ray

The Human Body Under X-Ray Game from Headu

Whilst teaching your child about their anatomy why not get out The Human Body Under X-Ray puzzle to show them exactly what’s happening inside them with the fun images and magic torch that lets them see an x-ray of the people in the images?

Human Body Puzzle

Human Body Puzzle of a Little Boy Waving with visible bones and internal organs

If you don’t have the space to create a life-sized body this Human Body Puzzle is a great tool for kids to learn all about their bodies and where things are. Make sure you put things in the right place, or this human body could end up looking a little funny!

Illness and Injury

When kids have bodily awareness they are more prepared when they get sick or injured and can understand what is going on. 

Create a DIY stethoscope with a cardboard tube and two plastic funnels. Take each plastic funnel and tape the narrow ends inside the tube, creating a stethoscope that they can use to listen to all of the inner workings of their bodies.

Wooden Doctor’s Kit

Red and White Wooden Doctors Kit with case and tools

If learning about their bodies interests them then help them play doctor with this Wooden Doctor’s Kit, with everything they could need to fix all of your illnesses.

Horrible Science Germ Attack

Red and White Wooden Doctors Kit with case and tools

For kids that love the gruesome truth about human bodies and illnesses, the Horrible Science Germ Attack Game is a board game full of fun and foul facts as you race to the heart of the game.

Learn All About The Human Body With BrightMinds

Learning about the human body is important, and it’s never too early to start. At BrightMinds our range of Human Body Games and Activities are perfect for learning all about human anatomy and how it works. 

Get in touch with our friendly team for more information about our full range of products, or check out our blog for more fun learning ideas and playtime activities.

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