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Fun & Affordable: The Best Remote Control Toys for Kids

By Alison Quill

Remote control toys are fun for kids of all ages and the whole family. But they can be educational, too! Radio wave signals are controlled by a transmitter (the physical remote control) that tells the object what to do. It was Nikola Tesla who debuted the first object controlled by radio in 1893. Following that, all kinds of things have been used remotely for various tasks. It’s amazing what has developed with the use of remote technology, but today we are going to focus on the best remote control toys.

Benefits of Remote Control Toys

Buying remote control toys for your children comes with several benefits besides being a blast. The greatest skills a remote control toy can offer your kids are hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Small children will follow them around, while the lights and sound effects will build imagination. Bigger kids will grasp the understanding of how actions with the remote make the object perform in different ways. This cause and effect learning is so important for their development skills. Remote control toys are also interactive, social, get kids moving and enjoying the great outdoors. There’s no limit to the number of benefits they provide your children.

The Best Remote Control Toys

There are several types of remote control toys on the market today that will appeal to kids of all genders and ages. Some are super easy to use right out of the box with minimal setup — just put in the required batteries to get started. You’ll find some are more complicated and require assembly, but this can be a fun project in itself. Below are some of our favourite remote control toys.

Cars, Trucks, Tractors and More on Wheels

Cars and things on wheels are probably the most popular remote control toys. One of our coolest remote control cars is the Stunt Racer 360. It not only spins, races, and performs amazing tricks, it also lights up providing a fun light-show your kids will enjoy.

stunt racer 360 toy

In the 1980s, the Big Trak was all the rage. This six-wheeled truck has a programmable membrane on the top that gives the car the power to do over sixteen actions right out of the box. 

big track toy

The Geosmart Flip Bot is an exciting and thrilling remote control space creature on wheels. This remote control toy takes STEM learning to the next level and is great for kids ages five and up. 

geosmart flipbot robot toy


Part spider, part sci-fi creature from your favourite comic book, the Hexbug Battleground Spiders will be great for those who love science fiction. These two bugs fight and race each other with a laser and sensor that detect hits so you can have an epic battle. Join your friends who also have these spiders for fabulous two on two battles.

2 hexbug battleground remote toy in blue and red


This wire controlled Robot Arm will spark curiosity and play with older kids. First, you’ll build it then learn all about the science of robots and how machines work. Five motors control all the joints of the arm and allow for the gripping claw to be completely functional. This remote control toy will be fun for hours!

robot arm toy

Rather than being controlled by a hand device and radio waves, the Tobbie robot uses hand motions and senors to move. We wanted to include him on the list because he’s one of our best-selling toys and is a great teacher of electronics. Every child will have a brilliantly satisfying STEM experience with this AI robot.

tobbie the robot toy

BrightMinds has a world-class range of educational toys, games, gifts & presents for kids that inspire and entertain. Our extraordinary customer service backs each purchase. Check out our selection of remote control toys today.

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