Fun & Affordable: The Best Remote Control Toys for Kids

Remote control toys are fun for kids of all ages and the whole family. But they can be educational, too! Radio wave signals are controlled by a transmitter (the physical remote control) that tells the object what to do. It was Nikola Tesla who debuted the first object controlled by radio in 1893. 

It’s amazing what has developed with the use of remote control technology! If your little one is into all things technology and engineering, they’ll love this list of remote control toys that are available at BrightMinds! From vehicles to animals, there’s a wide range of remote control toys ready for you to browse with BrightMinds. 

Benefits of Remote Control Toys

Buying remote control toys for your children comes with several benefits besides being a blast. The greatest skills a remote control toy can offer your kids are hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Small children will follow them around, while the lights and sound effects will build imagination. 

Bigger kids will grasp the understanding of how actions with the remote make the object perform in different ways. This cause and effect learning is so important for their development skills. Remote control toys are also interactive, social, get kids moving and enjoy the great outdoors. There’s no limit to the number of benefits they provide your children - they’re a great form of educational toy for all ages

The Best Remote Control Toys

There are several types of remote control toys on the market today that will appeal to kids of all genders and ages. Some are super easy to use right out of the box with minimal setup — just put in the required batteries to get started. You’ll find some are more complicated and require assembly, but this can be a fun project in itself. Below are some of our favourite remote control toys available at BrightMinds.

Vehicle-Based Remote Control Toys

Cars and other vehicles on wheels are some of the most popular remote control toys. It’s a great activity for children, enabling them race cars together and understand how the car’s movement is controlled by the buttons on their remote control. 

The Geosmart Flip Bot is an exciting and thrilling remote control space creature on wheels. This remote control toy takes STEM learning to the next level and is great for kids ages five and up! Watch the space vehicle flip and bounce around after you direct it in a variety of motions. 

Geosmart Remote control car

Another wonderful option is the RC Wall Climbing Car. Perfect for all little car lovers, this exciting toy enables you to drive it in all directions, including up the walls! This is the perfect remote control toy to keep them entertained for hours on end, whilst improving skills such as hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

Racing car

Animals Based Remote Control Toys

For little animal lovers, BrightMinds even have an animal based remote control toy to ensure they have fun for hours on end. If your little one is a fan of creepy crawlies and critters, then this one is for you! The Remote Control Tarantula RC Spider is extremely realistic, and can be controlled to go in a variety of different directions. Watch their new spider friend crawl around corners with a range of up to 8 metres!

RC spider

Exciting Remote Control Robots For Children

Robots are some of the coolest remote controlled toys around! Created with incredible technology, the remote control robots at BrightMinds can sense your presence and move in a variety of different directions! The Spacebot is one of our most popular remote control toys - he even has the ability to walk, talk and shoot discs from his mouth! Have endless fun with this super entertaining remote control friend. 


Rather than being controlled by a hand device and radio waves, the Tobbie robot uses hand motions and sensors to move. We wanted to include him on the list because he’s one of our best-selling toys and is a great teacher of electronics whilst improving skills such as hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving and more! Every child will have a brilliantly satisfying STEM experience with this AI robot.

Tobbie robot

Shop Remote Control Toys With BrightMinds

BrightMinds has a world-class range of educational toys, games, gifts & presents for kids that inspire and entertain. Our extraordinary customer service backs each purchase. Check out our selection of exciting remote control toys today to show your little one a whole new world of science, technology and FUN! Got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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