5 Best Gifts For Kids Who Love Construction Toys

It is often difficult to pick out a toy that your little one is guaranteed to love and play with often, however, when it comes to choosing a toy that can benefit your child's development whilst also having fun, construction toys can be a great choice.

 Child playing with Construction Toys

Why should my children be playing with construction toys?

When you think of construction toys you may be thinking of diggers and trucks, however, in today's age, there's far more to it than the traditional construction toys you may have had as a child yourself. Whilst traditional tools and diggers are still a very popular choice from our range, we also stock more modern construction toys including engineering and mechanical toys.

Construction toys can be very beneficial to a child's development for reasons that you may not even associate with the genre. From fine motor skills to problem-solving, they can open your child’s mind up to a range of possibilities.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills are what help your child develop movements involved in writing, eating and getting themselves dressed. A number of small muscles work with the brain and nervous system to control movements. 

Construction toys tend to be typically sensory heavy, often involving building and moving pieces. This repetitive motion can help develop fine motor skills in your child. A skill they will go on to use for the rest of their lives. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

We all know the struggle of hand-eye coordination and wished it was something we could improve, well why not give your children a head start! Similarly to Fine Motor Skills, hand-eye coordination is a skill that your child will need and use throughout their entire lives, so giving them the opportunity to develop this at a young age can be particularly beneficial. 


Whether it’s role-playing a construction worker, or an afternoon spent building a new toy, construction toys can spark the imagination of children of all ages. Great for solo play or when working in a small group, you can be confident knowing your little ones are learning life-long skills whilst having fun. 

Imagination is great at fostering creative and cognitive skills in your child and from self-confidence to social interaction they are skills your child will lean on as they get older.

Problem Solving

Finding a construction toy that sparks your little ones' imagination is the key to getting them involved and interested in playing with their new toys. The more interested they are, the more they are likely to get out of the toys, which is exactly what you want after spending your hard-earned money. 

With our wide range of constriction toys here at Bright Minds, there is always something for everyone.

Family playing with toy train set

What are the best construction toys for kids?

Does your little one have a keen interest in building and exploring which has left you wondering what the best construction toy for kids is?  With the toy market so saturated, we know it can often be a bit tricky when it comes to picking out the best construction toys for your kids, which is why we have put together our top 5 construction toys to get your kids excited about creating something unique and fun. 

SmartMax Start 

SmartMax Start Toy Set

SmartMax Start is a great option for children age 1+, and a perfect opportunity to give your little ones the space to explore construction toys. Containing 16 colourful magnetic bars and 9 metal balls, this is a great option for those wanting to explore building with the added fun and attraction of magnets. Fine motor skills including hand-eye coordination and imagination can benefit from this children's toy.

12 in 1 Hydraulic Solar Construction Kit 

12 in 1 Hydraulic Solar Construction Kit
Perfect for any animal-loving children, the 12 in-1 Hydraulic Solar Construction Kit is a lovely construction toy for those wanting to explore whilst having fun. With 12 different animals or vehicles to choose from, your children can keep busy letting their imagination run wild when it comes to their next construction toys.

Bigjigs First Carpenters Tool Box

Bigjigs First Carpenters Tool Box Toy

Each animal your child builds is powered by a solar module with hydraulic transmission, making this toy a great introduction to both engineering and construction. 

Bigjigs First Carpenters Tool Box is the best constriction toy for your budding little carpenters! With a range of wooden tools complete with a carry case, this is the perfect addition to your toy box. Perfect for letting your child's imagination run wild whilst providing a safe space for them to hammer and drill away.

Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Build Your Own Wind Turbine Toy

The Build Your Own Wind Turbine is a lovely kit to teach children how vital renewable energy is created. Constructed with a plastic bottle,  your children can create their own wind turbine, perfect for those with a love for sustainability. This construction toy is recommended for children 8+.


Thames and Kosmos Ultralight Airplanes
Ultralight Airplanes Toy

The Thames and Kosmos Ultralight Airplanes gives your child the chance to construct their very own flying gliders using plastic and bamboo parts. With the ability to build and fly five different planes with different wing types. Recommended for children over the age of 8.

Ready to find the best construction toy for your child?

Here at Bright Minds, we love construction toys and the possibilities they can give to a child's development. If you’re looking to pick a new toy for your child then explore our range of construction toys, as well as our STEAM toys including Science and Tech toys and Maths and English toys

Alternatively, get in touch with any questions you have or check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 

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