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Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom is taking the world by storm! Here at BrightMinds we think it's a wonderful way to get both boys and girls away from their electronic devices and into creativity! Rainbow Loom is a loom for making rubber band bracelets from rubber loom bands. The designs are fabulous, the colours amazing and now with the new Rainbow Loom Watch, Loomey Watch you can make your own uniquely designed Rainbow Loom Watch. 

Showing 1 Product

Showing 1 Product

Rainbow Loom was originally designed by a US father of two, Ng Choon. His design has been copied by many but the original Rainbow Loom is strong, beautifully smooth to touch and use, has no sharp edges and can easily be joined together to make wider patterns for things like mobile phone covers. If you buy a cheap loom band kit you'll soon be looking for The Original Rainbow Loom Kit, and we are one of a very few companies to have them.

After hours of searching YouTube for Rainbow Loom Instructions, our view is that the best place for fabulous patterns and instructions is the official Rainbow Loom site.

We have also made our own Learn to Loom step-by-step guide so you get the most out of your Rainbow Loom Kit. The first step is to get to grips with the Single Chain, and take a look at our blog post for all our tips and tricks on this new craft.

Rainbow Loom Instructions UK

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