CGP The 11+ English Practice Test Papers: Multiple Choice

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Our CGP 11 plus Practice Papers cover the four areas of the 11 plus in separate test books.

The English Practice Test Papers - Multiple Choice has a detailed answer book and notes for parents with useful advice for helping your child improve their results.

The Practice papers are available as Multiple Choice or Standard Answers. We recommend finding out which format is used by the school (or schools) you're applying to as that will give your child a real advantage in terms of confidence.

'Multiple Choice' test format, children are provided with separate sheets of paper with a list of options for each answer. They usually choose their answers by putting a mark in a box (this makes it easier for the tests to be marked by computer).

‘Standard Answers' means that children write their answers onto the test paper itself. This may include putting a ring around the correct option, highlighting part of a sentence, or writing down a word or number.

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