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Key Stage 3 Revision

Key Stage 3 (KS3) is assessed by classroom teachers and internally set exams, rather than the SATs as experienced in Key Stage 2. The workbooks and revision guides we have here are set at the correct level for this program of study and are designed to form the basis of work in the GCSE years.

From September 2014, a new KS3 National Curriculum is being introduced. Never fear, we have updated our entire KS3 range to ensure to covers everything students need to learn

Showing 15 Products

Showing 15 Products

Your child's UK SATs performance in National Curriculum tests according to their age is shown in the table below.
For example, a 13 year old child is expected to achieve level 5 by the end of year 8. A child achieving level 7 is working at a high level, and only a small percent achieve level 8.

National Curriculum 
Year 2 (Age 7) 
Key Stage 1
Year 6 (Age 11) 
Key Stage 2

Year 8 (Age 13)
Key Stage 3

Level 8 Exceptional
Level 7 Beyond Expectations
Level 6 Exceptional At Expected Level
Level 5 Beyond Expectations
Level 4 Exceptional At Expected Level Below Expectations
Level 3 Beyond Expectations Below Expectations
Level 2 At Expected Level
Level 1 Below Expectations

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