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Board Games for Kids

Board Games for children make great family gifts: getting together to play and argue is such a great way to pass a wet afternoon. Board Games often combine thought, concentration and strategy with friendship and competition, great skills that every child should develop.

Some of the best board games for children are the more educational board games.

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  1. Tantrix
    In Stock
  2. Tetris Dual
    Pre-Order for Christmas
  3. Square Up
    In Stock
  4. Brainbox Football
    No Longer Available
  5. Chairs
    In Stock
  6. Kids Charades
    In Stock
  7. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition
    Pre-Order for Christmas
  8. Kanoodle Jr
    In Stock
  9. Creativity for Kids Doodle Socks Knee High
    Special Price £15.29 £16.99
    In Stock
  10. Djeco Magnetic Fishing Ducks
    No Longer Available
  11. Dr Eureka
    In Stock
  12. John Adams Sparkly Hearts
    Special Price £13.49 £14.99
    In Stock

Showing 51 Products

The important thing to remember when considering which board game for kids is to look beyond the usual favourites and try something different. Our favourite board game brand is Green Board Games, who create such imaginative games with adding learning play value for kids and famiies of all ages. For younger children Orchard Toys Board games are the best board games made in the UK; the beautifully coloured illustrations, the quality of manufacture and the fact that they are made in the UK all create a compelling reason to buy.

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