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Microscope Set in Handy Carry Case

Microscope Set in Handy Carry Case

Microscope Set in Handy Carry Case
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 8 to 11 year olds 8 to 11 year olds
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A superior-quality children's microscope with a built-in light source, giving a range of magnifications up to x1200.

The sturdy, fold-out storage case contains blank slides and a prepared viewer card together with instruments (some sharp) for making your own slides. This is our best selling children's microscope in the under £50 bracket, with excellent reviews.

Requires 2 AA batteries (not supplied).

Age 10 and above.

Microscopes are difficult to buy for children.

You are lulled into the marketing spin of manufacturers who urge you to go for the biggest magnification possible. In our experience they are not always the best for children.

This microscope set has a good balance between magnification (ie making the thing you are looking at appear bigger) and a really important thing called 'resolution', that is the 'fineness' of the detail which it allows you to see. Good resolution is much more difficult to get than high magnification- and is what you pay for when you buy a really good microcope.

Our next step up in optic quality is the Thames & Kosmos K2 microscope.

We love the storage case too; microscope kits have lots of little bits and pieces, slides and things that should be kept away from little hands. This case does that, and it solidly protects the microscope.

4 Average Rating 4/5 (15 reviews)
1 stars Very disappointed with microscope Written by

Bought this kit for grandaughters birthday. The case and the accessories are ok but the microscope itself was almost useless. The light wouldn't stay in position. The ratchet won't hold the main scope in place. The lenses wouldn't focus at all. I've bought an ex student model off ebay for £45. Perfect.

Please contact Customer Service for a refund, you obviously have a faulty item.

5 stars Microscope Written by

Purchased as a birthday gift for my 8 year old granddaughter. Does exactly what it says it does. She's thrilled with it and so is her father. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anybody, good value for money and more than just a toy.

5 stars Loved the slides that came with it Written by
My grandchildren were very pleased with their first microscope for christmas. They have enjoyed many hours with the slides and it is a very good learning tool. It's good to see them working and learning together-yes a very good buy.
5 stars Perfect for price and frequency of use Written by
Our six year old asked for a microscope and for the price and frequency of use this is perfect. The carry case means that things should be put away, but there are some sharps in there which should be removed before use by small children. The eyepiece is plasticky, but it is not really aimed at professional or advance student use. Its good enough for our purposes.
5 stars Great value for money Written by
My daughter really enjoys using this microscope, it allows her to find intrest in so many previously overlooked items. Its kept her intrest for much longer than many other toys she has been bought making it great value for money.
5 stars Perfect for my son Written by
This Microscope was perfect for my son, he already had an interest in science so this was a wonderful present for him. The Carry case keep all the items together so nothing has been lost yet!
5 stars Magnification amazing Written by
Bought this for my grandson for his twelf birthday, he was overjoyed by this item. The magnification is amazing considering it is only a childs toy and even a week after his birthday he is still finding new things to look at. I would highly recommend this item.
5 stars This product is fantastic Written by
This product is fantastic, my granddaughter has had so much fun, so much so that she says that she wished she had nits so she could look at them, it has opened a whole new world for her very inquisitive mind.
4 stars Excited 12 year old Written by
I am very pleased with this product, my 12 year old is really into his science and is really excited about being able to explore the microscopic world. Carry case is great as it keeps everything together and we can take it out on field trips.
5 stars Great for 7 ro 11 age group Written by
Bought as a present for a 9 year old. Well built and he was so proud he took it into school - for several days! Robust, contained and perfect for the 7 - 11 age group.
1 stars Not great Written by
Not a great product, cheaply made with poor optics. Was very disappointed .
4 stars Great gift Written by
Great gift
4 stars Fun and learn Written by
Childrens Gifts that can provide fun and help with learning are well worth their money. Children tend to learn more when they don't realise they are doing it. This was no exception
5 stars Our Grandson loved it Written by
Our grandson loved this, he is always looking at bugs and this set seemed to have everything he would need. The slides are good and it all packs away so our daughter was pleased too. It is quite a heavy case.
1 stars Poor optics Written by
Very poor quality. Light source produced artifacts. Optics very poor. Highest magnification would not focus at all. BrightMinds Comment: Please contact our Customer Service for a replacement as this is not normal.

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What is the microscope itself made of please?

It's a plastic body with glass lenses.

What is the total weight of the product?

2360g including the heavy duty plastic carry case. We do have ones in card boxes if that is too heavy to post on.

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